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Steven Universe Season 5 Review: Is It Worth Watching?

Steven Universe is a Cartoon Network animated series. The series has been created by an all-women team and is underrated when it comes to popularity. The series tells the story of a boy who has a superpower and the team has done a fabulous job by creating a bright and visually attractive animated series for the audience. If you haven’t heard about the series then you are in the right place. We will be sharing all the details and information about Steven Universe.

Steven Universe: Is It worth your attention?

Steven Universe the animated cartoon series has been created by Adventure Time alumnus Rebecca Sugar and the major theme of the series is love and kindness. Steven who is the lead cartoon character of the series along with other characters uses their superpowers to beat the monsters. Their job is to save humanity and they go out of the way to fulfill their duties. The characterization is what makes this cartoon series unique from other characters. Each character has depth and they try hard to become better versions of themselves. The series is motivational and gives us a positive message to do better in life.

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How many seasons does Steven Universe have?

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Steven Universe has release 5 seasons already. The cartoon series airs on Cartoon Network and has received mixed responses from the audience. The channel recognizes the potential of the cartoon series and that is why the makers have given the chance to explore the content and story of the series. The cartoon series has released 160 episodes to date and you can catch up with all of them on YouTube. You can also watch all the previous seasons on Cartoon Network official website.

What is the plot of Steven Universe?

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Steven Universe has a backdrop of a fictional beach city. The cartoon series introduces us to a group of superheroes called The Crystal Gems. Their job is to protect the earth and the people from monsters and aliens that are planning to attack the earth. They have gems at the center of their core and it gives them the power to fight the monsters and aliens.

The former leader of the squad has lost her life and she has given birth to half-human and half gem son who is now a part of the savior group. He is seen discovering his powers and responsibilities in the cartoon series. The group of Gems known as the diamonds wanted to capture earth and rule the people living there. Rose Quartz is on a mission to save the world from these monsters.

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Steven Universe Awards and Achievements

Steven Universe has won several awards and trophies at various ceremonies. The biggest award that they have won is the GLAAD media award for Outstanding Kids and Family Program in 2019. The series was the first animated cartoon series ever to have won such a prestigious award. It has also been nominated for 5 Emmy awards.

What is the release date of Steven Universe Season 5?

Steven Universe season 5 has already been released on December 7, 2019. The animated series released 20 fresh episodes. The cartoon series airs on the Cartoon network.

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