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Geetha Hindi Full Film Leaked Online Download By Tamilrockers

Geetha Hindi Full Film Leaked By Tamilrockers: Geetha is 2019 is an Indian Kannada film. It is a combination of action, thrill, and romance. You will find all these flavors in this one movie. The film was recently released but could not perform very well at the box-office. Let’s discuss what the film is about.

Cast, director and screenplay

Geetha is directed by a new director named Vijay Nagendra. The lead actors of the film are GaneshShanvi Srivastava, and Prayaga Martin. Anup Robins has given the music of the film while Shreesha and Janet are editors and DOP respectively.

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In-depth analysis on the performance

The film was shot in Goa and some of the visuals are great. The direction is not bad but some of the performances in the film are not up to the mark. Ganesh’s performance is ok but in some scenes especially the melodramatic ones he fails to impress. The cast is not utilized to their fullest which is the main drawback why the film could not impress fans. The thrill factor is missing from the movie, while the romantic scenes are not sufficient for the viewers to get connected to the couple’s story. The only good thing is the visuals of the film. The locations of Manali and Kolkata are exotic and you will enjoy watching it.

The Plot Of the story

The story revolves around a man who is a software engineer. He is engrossed in his work and has a strong professional life. He doesn’t believe in love at all. His views on love change when he gets to know about his father’s past and his love life. The movie concentrates on 2 worlds. Both father and son’s story is shown simultaneously and the 80’s era where his dad was young and the present time is also shown where he meets the girl of his dreams. The hero of the movie is against the concept of love and his father’s heart-wrenching love story with his mother changes his views on love. The girl who comes in his life changes his philosophy about love and life in general. The movie is about the transformation of the male leads to character and how he changes into a better person.

The Good

The story of the movie is interesting. The location where the movie is shot is very beautiful and matches well with the concept of the movie. The emotional scenes are very heart touching and get your very much involved in the movie. The bonding between father and son is commendable. The 80’s era is shown beautifully and realistically. It looks shockingly real. The whole team including the designer team and the cinematography team has done a great job.

The Bad

The story is interesting but it gets confusing at times. The switch between the present story and the past story is very rapid. Identifying and connecting with both stories gets difficult at times. The actors could have done a better job. The acting department is quite lacking in the movie.

Full movie for download on Tamilrockers

Again Tamilrockers are our hot topic of discussion. It is a headache for the producers but a good platform for movie lovers. Most of the new films are leaked on this site which affects the business of it greatly. The producer’s pledge to stop the illegal downloads turns futile again.

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Release date

The film was released on 27th September and we already told you that it could not perform well at the box-office. Whether you want to watch the film or not it depends on your choice. I hope you have enjoyed reading the review on the film.

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