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Start the summer off right with these Memorial Day Grilled Seafood Recipes

The sun is shining brightly. The smell of smoky charcoal fills the air in the backyard. A BBQ is one of the few things that perfectly evokes summer vibes. While hamburgers and hot dogs are easy to come by, you may be overlooking the genuine BBQ king: seafood. When grilled on the grill, shellfish bursts with flavor.

No worries if you have never attempted grilling lobster or crab before. These simple and delectable Memorial Day grilled fish recipes are a great place to begin. Let’s buy lobster from Fish Me and get started on these delectable Memorial Day grilled seafood recipes.

Before we get into the recipes, many people may just want something simple to grill on their day off. You can’t go wrong with grilled lobster, crab legs, or mussels served with a side of fresh lemon and melted butter when you’re grilling burgers and dogs. So, here are some wonderful recipes to live up your day.

Low Country Boil with a Grilled Finish

Our first recipe makes single-serving main courses that are super simple to clean up. If you do not like shrimp, you can easily adapt this recipe to include your favorite seafood. If you add some crab legs or lobster tails, the product will be as excellent. Do not forget to include fresh Maine summer corn and traditional red-hot dogs.

Chimichurri Sauce with Steak and Lobster

This seafood grilling recipe is a bit more formal and perfect for a smaller Memorial Day get-together. The great thing is that it includes rib-eye steak, another summertime favorite. You will get to present a delectable surf ‘n’ turf seafood feast to your guests that they will not soon forget. The boneless black Angus rib-eye steak goes great with our lobster tails.

Burgers with Lobster

This meal is a creative spin on a summertime favorite: the hamburger. Your visitors will be enthralled with juicy chunks of Maine lobster flesh served on a toasted baguette with fresh avocado, corn, and a creamy browned-butter, lemon aioli. Serve with grilled clams and salad as a side dish.

Grilled Crab Cakes

Crab cakes grilled on the grill create a tasty side dish, appetizer, or main course. Serve it alone or alongside some grilled lobster tails, depending on how much you offer. You might use our lobster or crab meat in this recipe. In either case, the taste buds will be titillated.


Cooking king crab legs is not as difficult as it may appear. You may also make this even easier by purchasing crab meat that has already been removed from the shell, covering it in aluminum foil, and grilling it.

In the End

Lobster is one of those seafoods that few people cook with very often, but when they do, it’s for a special occasion. These lobster recipes can come in handy whether you want lobster rolls in the summer or a large lobster tail for an important supper.

Mumtaz Khan
Mumtaz Khan
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