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Exploring the Significance of the Intercession in Theotokos Old Rite Church: A Window into Divine Grace

In the realm of Orthodox Christianity, the Theotokos Old Rite Church holds a distinctive place with its deep-rooted traditions and theological practices. One of its most notable aspects is the concept of intercession—a spiritual practice that seeks the blessings, protection, and guidance of the Virgin Mary, known as Theotokos. This top story delves into the intercession within Theotokos Old Rite Church and explores its significance in experiencing divine grace.

What does “intercession” mean in Theotokos Old Rite Church?

Intercession refers to an act of seeking help or intervention on behalf of oneself or others from a higher power. Within the context of Theotokos Old Rite Church, intercession primarily revolves around praying to and invoking the intercessory powers of the Virgin Mary to bring one closer to God’s divine grace.

Why is intercession significant in Theotokos Old Rite Church?

The practice of intercession holds great significance in Theotokos Old Rite Church for several reasons:

  • Mediating role: By seeking Theotokos’ intercession, believers acknowledge her unique role as a mediator between humanity and God. This practice reinforces their trust in her ability to communicate their requests and concerns directly to God.
  • Motherly love: Interceding through Mary also highlights her compassionate and loving nature as a mother figure within the church community. Believers find solace knowing that she empathizes with their struggles and actively intervenes on their behalf out of maternal care.
  • Empowerment: Emphasizing intercessory prayers empowers individuals by recognizing their ability to actively participate in their own spiritual growth. They believe that through intercession, they can access divine grace and aid in their personal journeys of faith.

How is intercession practiced in Theotokos Old Rite Church?

The practice of intercession in Theotokos Old Rite Church involves various rituals and prayers:

  • Invocation: Believers invoke the name of the Virgin Mary, addressing her as Theotokos (Mother of God), to establish a direct connection with her.
  • Intercessory prayers: Special prayers are offered to seek Theotokos’ help, guidance, and protection for oneself or others. These prayers are often recited individually or collectively during church services or private devotions.
  • Icons and relics: Depictions and icons of the Virgin Mary hold significant importance in intercessory practices. They serve as powerful reminders of her benevolence and act as focal points for concentrated prayer. In some cases, believers touch or kiss relics associated with her to amplify the intercessory power.
  • Pilgrimages: Some members of the church undertake pilgrimages to sacred sites associated with Theotokos, seeking her intercession at these revered locations.

Does intercession replace direct prayer to God?

Intercession within Theotokos Old Rite Church does not replace direct prayer to God but acts as an additional avenue for seeking divine assistance. Believers hold that by approaching Theotokos for intercession, they are ultimately reaching out to God Himself through a trusted intermediary.

What role does faith play in intercession?

Faith plays a crucial role in the practice of intercession within Theotokos Old Rite Church. Believers have strong trust and confidence that both their personal devotion and appealing for Theotokos’ intervention will be heard by God due to their unwavering faith.


Within the realm of Orthodox Christianity, the Theotokos Old Rite Church places significant emphasis on intercession, particularly through the Virgin Mary. The practice of seeking her intercessory powers holds great significance for believers in their pursuit of divine grace and spiritual connection with God. Through prayers, rituals, icons, and rites associated with intercession, members of Theotokos Old Rite Church actively engage in strengthening their faith and finding solace in the loving and compassionate presence of Theotokos.

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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