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Star Trek Online House United Arriving On Xbox and Playstation Soon

Perfect World Entertainment has launched many wonderful games so far. Star Trek Online: House United will be their latest game that will be coming to Xbox and Playstation soon. The latest expansion of Star Trek Online: House United will be releasing on both Xbox and PlayStation consoles. The gamers who love to play their games on PCs can rejoice as the new expansion will be releasing for PC users. The players can now get ready to play Star Trek on Playstation and Xbox. The console players can play the last chapter of their epic Klingon story arc on their gaming consoles.

Star Trek Online: House United Plot

The players will be traveling to the sacred planet of Boreth. They will be descending into the pits of Gre’thor, J’Ula, and will be facing a lot of challenges. The matriarch of House Mo’Kai will be entering the famed Klingon Warrior and will fight the enemies to cross each level.

Star Trek Online: House United Gameplay

L’Rell is a lead character in the game and is voiced by Mary Chieffo. L’Rell will be a guiding light and will let the players know all about J’Ula. He will inform the players about what it truly means to be Klingon. The players will have to prove themselves at every level of the game. They will build an army, and head on to the Qo’noS for the final epic battle. The Captains will also be encountering the emblematic characters that include Aakar, General Martok, and Adet’Pa.

Two Brand New Episodes

In “Warriors of the Empire,” the Captains will be fighting with their teammates J’Ula. They will fight against L’Rell and will gather support for their cause. They will then take on forces to put an end to the Klingon Civil War in “A Day Long Remembered.”

Star Trek Online: House United Features

  • ‘Only Qo’nos Endures’ Event: The Captains will get the chance to earn an exclusive new reward. They will be playing the game on the ground set which is inspired by the villainous Aakar. The players will explore new episodes, patrols and will be awarded powerful weapons to fight in the Klingon Civil War. The players will be equipped with powerful weapons but they will have to use their brains to fight each enemy in the challenging levels of the game.
  • New Task Force Operation: The Players will get to experience “Remain Klingon“. It is a 5-Captain space TFO and will include the entire Civil War storyline. The final battle will take place over Qo’noS. Once the players get to know about the storyline of the game then they will be able to beat the enemies on every level with a lot of ease.
  • Three New Patrols: In House United, the players will be joining the captains and will enjoy three new patrols. The level will be based on the episode “Warriors of the Empire.” With the three new patrols, the game will become a lot easier for the players.
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