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Here is how to choose your Diamond Jewellery

Diamond Jewellery has always been an attractive buy for many of us, having said that we always look forward to buying diamonds. But most of us are exceptionally hesitant to take the first step in buying diamonds considering various elements that one needs to take care. There are several trusted and reputed Jewellers from whom we can buy gold Jewellery online, however, when it comes to Diamond Jewellery we get skeptical as to how to buy and what to choose too.

For those of your buying diamond Jewellery for the first time, here is a quick guide on how to choose:

  1. Evaluate the most frequent or daily wear Jewellery you tend to adorn like earrings, chains, rings, or bangles. Some of us favor wearing rings over bangles while some others like bangles over neckwear. So once you know your favorite item then choosing would be the next step.
  2. Assuming we all like earrings as daily wear, let us try to further understand what are our taste and preference in terms of earrings like hoops, loops, studs, chandeliers, drops, or simple gold dangle earrings studded in diamonds.
  3. Once we know which product to buy we should look for reputed Jewellers who have both online and in-store services, giving us greater flexibility to reach them.
  4. Browse through the latest diamond earrings collections online and select one to buy.

Best Diamond Jewellery

Things to look for before buying

It is advised not to spearhead and buy the diamond Jewellery before pondering into these points:

  1. Understand the cut, clarity, carat, and colour before buying
  2. You must buy ethically sourced diamonds that come along with an authentication certificate with a picture of the Jewellery, mentioning the grade, carat, and color of the diamonds
  3. Look for Jewellers that have a free 15day or 30-day return policy just in case you don’t like the Jewellery.
  4. Understand diamond setting for example, if your budget is low then go for a halo setting, it is a great way to make the diamond look bigger
  5. Some online Jewellery sites offer a virtual try-on, do not miss on that. Here is your chance to wear the earring or necklace or rings without walking into their stores.

Diamond Jewellery is often preferred after consulting a gemologist, this is because some people believe that diamonds have black inclusions that are not auspicious to wear and also because diamond doesn’t suit well for some zodiac signs. It is wise to purchase high clarity VVS1 or VVS2 diamonds where inclusions are very minimal or zero.

Another tip before buying diamond Jewellery is that do not be lured by the Photoshop images posted on social media, before purchasing them online ensure you see the proper image or a video shopping facility which some Jewellers offer.

Once your favorite Jewellery arrives, make sure you appraise it individually to be double sure of the quality and the price you bought it for. Ensure you check the Jewellery from all possible angles for any sort of rough edges or loose ends that might cause inconvenience.

For the first time buyers wishing you luck in your search!!

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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