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Some must-have add-ons for the best coverage of your home insurance

When buying home insurance, you must avoid the pitfall of under coverage which might cost you less upfront but prove too costly when damages happen. Unlike auto insurance with some state mandated requirements, home insurance coverage is entirely flexible. It is for the homeowners to decide the extent and kind of coverage they need. For more information about San Angelo Insurance that offers home insurance policies from various types, talk to their representatives on the phone or visit their office. Mortgage companies insist on a minimum of 80% coverage of the home value while providing home loans, but you must consider the best coverage that protects your interest to the fullest.

Balancing the coverage is most important because paying for excess coverage is also not wise. Do not just consider the home’s market value to work out the coverage you need since it includes land cost too, which remains unaffected by any calamity. Therefore, the cost of rebuilding your home will be lower than the market value of your home. Calculate the replacement cost of your home that includes the labor and material cost for rebuilding the house and include the unique features and improvements that you have done to arrive at the coverage amount.

Add-ons for home insurance coverage

All home insurance policies include some standard coverage of the home exterior and interior. However, for complete coverage, you must consider the add-ons to include so that there is enough protection from the insurance policy. Since the add-ons vary between insurance companies, some insurance companies could already have some add-ons included in the policy. Check the coverage carefully in the basic policy and then decide on the add-ons that you would need.

Here are some add-ons that you should consider.

Extended replacement cost

This add-on makes you eligible for 20%-25% extra above the coverage if the building costs increase after a disaster. The coverage is based on the premise of using standard building supplies, but to include unique features like stained glass windows or antique wood floors, you must buy more add-ons or go for an extra layer of coverage. The more fancy items you add to the coverage higher will be the premium to pay.

Windstorm, hail, and earthquake

Natural calamities manifest in different ways at different places, and some areas are especially prone to a particular type of damage, either hail or storm.  Depending on your state, you have to buy standalone coverage for that type of damage or pay a separate deductible for it.

Inflation protection

As home building costs keep increasing, do not forget to include the ride for inflation cover in the policy. Known as inflation guard, it will automatically increase the coverage, reflecting the increase in the home building costs.

Contents replacement cost

As per the standard policy terms, you will receive the depreciated value of the stolen or damaged goods. Opting for replacement cost coverage will save you from the out-of-pocket expenses toward the difference in cost.

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Lindsey Ertz
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