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All You Need to Know About KissCartoons

All of us remember out childhood days when we used to watch popular cartoons like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Tom and Jerry. But as time passed all these popular cartoons went off air and are no more in the making. We don’t get new episodes of all these cartoon series and we are just left with nostalgic moments from our childhood. You can have a sigh of relief now because there is a great online website that can allow you to watch hundreds of cartoons, movies, mangas and much more stuff.

You can visit Kisscartoon with your kids and look for their favorite cartoons and you won’t be disappointed. is one of the most legit and organized websites that offers a wide range of cartoon series on the internet. The website offers a vast collection of entertaining stuff for the kids. The good news is that the website is free and doesn’t cost you any money.

What is Kisscartoon?

KissCartoon is an online website that offers a vast range of cartoon series and manga series by fetching the content from torrent sites. The website has been developed by Kiss Anemic network and has various servers. The website is accessible in different parts of the world. When the website was first created it was hosted in Vietnam but with time it started getting hosted on the servers of different countries. The website offers free streaming content and you are able to get access to thousands of cartoon series from around the world.

You just need to have an internet connection and you would be able to access the website from any device. Most of the series present on the website are available in HD quality and you can enjoy your favorite cartoon in high resolution.

Is KissCartoon a safe choice for people?

KissCartoon puts up a lot of content online but without the permission of media. When things are uploaded in privacy no one can guarantee its safety. If you will visit the sites or download anything from here there are high chances that you will get viruses and malicious scripts on your computer. Many times one site directs to another link which opens up some new site and this is one of the reasons you may be getting a lot of malicious viruses. It is a big threat to your personal information and data. When the operating system becomes weak hackers can attack and steal your personal data. KissCartoon is one such site who just wants to earn a lot of money.

You see a lot of advertisements and pop-ups on this page and that’s where most of the hackers are making their move. The advertisements on this website are not handled by Google rather it’s the group of hackers and if someone goes to the site they fall into a big trap. They are also using crypto miners without the knowledge of people which is also threatening.

Is KissCartoon legal?

KissCartoon is totally illegal website as the host content without the consent of media people. Their website is full of pirated content which includes cartoon movies and even animes. There site was shut many times due to suspicious behavior and were even banned by Google. Such sites are definitely unsafe for everyone. Although their site has been banned they have a lot of servers to run their website and keep putting up content. They have been earning money with illegal means and have hidden servers which are working in their favor. People fall into their tricks and they have been giving a rise to their hidden servers.

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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