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Attack on Titan season 4 Release date, Cast, Plot and latest updates

Attack on Titan is a Japanese television series which is adapted from the manga series named Hajime Isayama. The series is coming back with its 4th season and people cannot hold their excitement. If you want to know more details about the upcoming season read on some interesting information below:

Attack on titan season 4 plot

Attack on titan season 4 revolves around the story of humans who have been living in towns that have giant walls. The main reason for keeping these high walls is that they protect humans from titans who are dangerous and want to eat humans. During a major twist sadly a giant titan enters the town and many innocent people lose their lives.

When this tragic incident keeps going on four friends named Eren, Mikasa and Armin team up together to save the town from this disaster. They decide to reclaim the world and make it free from this danger. For this, they join soldiers who have created scout regiment which is a group that has been fighting against these deadly titans. The manga is not yet complete and this story will continue in season four but we are yet to know how many more seasons does it hold.

Attack on titan season 4 cast

If you have watched the previous seasons of this fantastic series then you would be aware of the cast and crew. In case you have no idea about it check out the name of this wonderful cast below who has given their voice for the characters.

  • Bryce Papenbrook
    Trina Nishimura
  • Josh Grelle
  • Lauren Landa
  • Robert McCollum

How long will attack on titan season 4 last?

The total number of episodes in this season is going to be around 12-25 so this means the series is going to last for three to six months. You can enjoy it as long as it lasts and wait for a new season to arrive if it actually happens.

Is attack on titan season 4 the last season of the series?

Many people are curious to know whether season 4 is going to be the last one for this series. Sorry to disappoint many fans but it has already been announced that this season will indeed be the last one. The series is going to be dubbed in English and other languages for international viewers.

Trailer and preview of attack on titan season 4

According to many speculations, the season 4 is going to end with an intense battle between Marley and Eldians. The official storyline of the season is yet to come out but it is going to be bigger and better than all other previous seasons. The viewers can expect to be on an exciting ride which is going to be full of twists and turns. An exciting trailer will soon be coming out and there is no doubt that animated movies are gaining a lot of popularity among people.

What can the fans expect?

Many fans are expecting that just like last season’s this season is going to split up in two parts while the episodes will be around 25 too.

Release date of Attack on titan season 4

After the huge success of previous seasons, the makers planned to make season 4 to excite all the fans. Though this season is going to be the last one but viewers are very excited to know all the details regarding it. The new season is going to release this fall 2020 and we will tell you about the exact release date as soon as it comes out.

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