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Factory Management Sim Good Company Will Be Launching On PC In June

The Irregular Corporation and developer Chasing Carrots have given a proper statement about the upcoming video game. Good Company will be released on PC soon and the fans are super excited about it. If you are looking forward to knowing more about the video game, then read the post below to find out more about it.

Good Company Release Date And Platforms

This factory management sim will be taking a much more in-depth approach to running the game. The well-marketed game will be a trail-blazing tech corporation that is on the verge of hitting big. The game has been offered as an Early Access since 2020, but the gamers will finally be getting a full version of the game. The video game will be released on Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store. Good Company’s full version will be available for the players from June 21st.

Good Company: What Is It About?

Good Company is an in-depth management sim game. It is about building a bustling tech corporation in a strange world. The virtual world will be inspired by the trail-blazing spirit and is set in Silicon Valley. The players will assemble complex production lines and manage employee logistics. You will be selling high-quality products on the market. The players will struggle to become the best company in the whole county!

Good Company: What Is The Gameplay?

The players will turn a garage into your first manufacturing headquarters. You will eventually develop it into a leading tech corporation and purchase materials. The players will hire staff and craft a wide range of items. You will focus on building an efficient production line that will keep the goods flowing!

Create complex production loops by using a powerful logistics system. You will also get the chance to expand into new buildings and also improve efficiency with the zone management. New work policies and fully automated machines will be awarded to the players to help them craft a new world of their own.

You will design new tech products that will allow you to conquer an ever-changing market. Make sure to focus on in-demand features as they will help you to create high-quality products. You can also squeeze as much profit out of them as you can and win more points in the game.

Good Company: What Are The Latest Features Of The Game?

  • Build beyond your humble beginnings and expand your facilities. You will be investing in new markets and researching the new technology.
  • Manufacture advanced products like robots and also improve workflow by using the power of conveyor belts!
  • The players will tackle ranked missions and will get the bonus challenge levels in a Campaign mode. The levels will follow the story of a local entrepreneur that is determined to save the economy of their home county!
  • Also, carve your own path and explore the endless Freeplay mode with unlimited possibilities.
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