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Cody Johnson Net Worth, Career, Relationships, Bio, Age & Other Details

Cody Johnson is an American country music singer and songwriter. He has gained a lot of global fame due to his hit songs and great melodies. Most of the people recognize him for the songs and his most famous songs have been ‘On my way to you’. There are many singers from country music who don’t achieve a lot of fame internationally but he has been an exception. If you want to know more about this talented singer or are inspired by him keep reading the following details.


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Cody Johnson was born on 21st May 1987 in Texas and he is 33 years old currently. He started playing music when he was only 12 and he was interested in music from a very young age. Once he was done with his graduation he started working in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. He was supervising many of the prison inmates. As his father was also working in the prison system he thought of it as an easy job where he could always get paid easily. He has great love and respect for his family and worked with passion no matter what he did. As he wanted to pursue music he took steady steps to gain success there.

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Cody Johnson Band

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In 2006 Cody formed a band with his father and it gained instant success. They created an album named Black and White Label while all the songs became very popular too. When all other members also started joining they formed a group. All the members did their part starting from writing to composing and so on. They released the album with six strings and one dream and all three singles reached the top of the charts in Texas.

After a few years, they changed the name of the band and started releasing more music. In 2014 they released the album Cowboy like me that went on to grab a high position on the billboard charts. Another album gotta be me went on to sell about 23,000 copies in the US. They also released their seventh album that also got a lot of success. He has been an inspiration for everyone and young artists can learn a lot from him.

Relationships and Wife

Cody got married to his long time love Brandi Johnson. He and his wife are very close and she takes care of his work activities too. The couple has got two daughters and they all are much attached to each other. His daughters love to listen to his music and always appreciate how hard he works. He has kept his personal and professional life separate but has enough room for both. Cody is professional and has kept a clean image free of all the controversies. The total net worth of Cody happens to be around $ 5 million. He is one of the richest singers who produce country music. All his songs and albums have done great business and that is how he has gained a lot of success and net worth.

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