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Shameless Season 10 Plot, Release Date & Other Updates

Shameless is an American comedy series which is created by John Wells. It is based on the storyline of the British series that has the same name and the creator of the British series is Paul Abbott. It was released on Showtime in January 2011 and has become very popular since then. After seeing the huge popularity of the British series we have got the American version too. The series has been going strong as we have reached season ten. In this post, we will discuss Shameless season ten, and is it worth our time? Get to know all the details below.

When is the plot of Shameless season 10?

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The tenth season of Shameless season 10 was released on January 31st, 2019 and it gained immense popularity among viewers. They all cannot stop talking about it as the concept is quite interesting and intriguing too. It has a total of nine episodes and they are quite fast-paced and cover a lot of stories in them. There are very few shows that reach so many seasons with great success and are well appreciated by the audience as well.

You will witness wedding bells coming at the finale of season 10 as your beloved characters Ian and Mickey are finally tying the knot and becoming one. They had a long courtship journey and viewers were hoping to see them married by the end. It is to be seen that how they have reached this level and what forced them to be together after all the troubles.

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A quick review of Shameless season 10

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Shameless is a dark comedy series and at the starting of season 10, we saw V and Kevin getting engaged. Lip falls off from the wagon when she was having a fight with Tami and even though she was planning to move out she ended up moving to Chicago. Carl has finally returned home after fulfilling his duties as a military officer. Ian and Mickey’s love will keep shining and blossoming and they end up getting married in a grand affair towards the finale. Their love story is something you will enjoy the most. Season 10 is exciting to watch but there are some fans who believe that the story has been stretched enough and the characters have got nothing new to offer.

However, there are few fans that are still enjoying the series like never before. There are few people who didn’t like the exit of Emily as she was a loveable character. The makers should have taken few risks so the story could evolve in a more realistic yet dramatic manner. There are many characters that have got nothing new to offer but Carl is considered the most prominent character of all time. The character development could improve a little and the recycled storylines should go out for some time. We can watch out for a new season 11 and hope that these small mistakes can be rectified by the makers in the long run.

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What is the release date of Shameless Season 10?

The tenth season of shameless picks up the story from where all the previous seasons will be connected. The music and visuals of the series are loved by the audience as it has got a mesmerizing feeling attached to it. The tenth season was released in 2019 and fans are hoping for a new season by the end of the year.

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