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Shabana Azmi Talks About The Unfortunate Accident On Her Birthday

Shabana Azmi is one of the most favorite actresses from the past. She has done many successful films and people can’t stop praising her acting skills. Today is her birthday and she has shared one of the most unfortunate accidents with her fans. The actress has won the National Award five times in a row and is one of the legends of Bollywood. She talked about the car accident that happened in January and realized that it was a very close shave and she even fainted on the spot. Read on all the details below and find out what really happened to the beloved actress.

Shabana Azmi- Five-time National award winner, celebrates her birthday today

 Today is an important day for all the fans of Shabana Azmi as the actress celebrates her birthday on 18th September. All the good wishes from fans around the world kept pouring in and she feels really special. However, she is also reminded of the car accident she had to go through in January and she feels blessed to be safe and sound. The veteran actress who has also won Padma Sri Award has turned 70 years old today. The accident took place on the Mumbai-Pune High way and she shared that the accident was nerve-wracking and she couldn’t take care of the shock. Her birthday celebrations for today will be a low key affair as the pandemic in India seems to be going worse.

What did Shabana have to say about her accident?

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The recent interview in Times Now she shared her health updates and also talked about the car accident. She shared all the details and told me how the accident happened when she was coming back from Khandala. Shabana said:

“I had fainted. I was told it was a very close shave.” As the veteran actress shared how she was told that the car accident was a close shave, she joked and added, “Because of the injury to the brain, I can say that I have a brain (smiles).”Shabana was immediately hospitalized be she resumed her work after 40 hours and people couldn’t stop complimenting her dedication towards work. She shared more details:

“But 40 days later, I resumed work for ‘Halo’ in Budapest and now I am shooting for Nikhil Advani’s ‘Moghuls’. Work keeps you going and you need to carry on.” Talking about the time after her car accident, Azmi shared, “I received so much respect and concern from all parts of the world during that accident period and I think that’s one of the main reasons I recovered.”

However, it seems that the actress has gained back all the confidence and doesn’t shy away from traveling to Khandala for vacation. She further explains: “I still go off to Khandala but have to be a little careful of course but Aisa bhi nahin ki saara time wohi sochna hai. I think we need to live life to the fullest.”

Shabana is very active on social media and posts regular updates about her health to fans. She has a big fan following and almost all of them want to keep a check on her. If you want to wish her you can go to her Instagram and share your love and gratitude. We also wish her a happy birthday!

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