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Scooter Braun Net Worth, Bio, Relationships, Quick Facts & More

Scooter Braun is a popular manager in American who is managing the activities of various celebrities. He was born in Newyork and was a successful athlete during his school years. You will be surprised to know that he is also a popular filmmaker and has won many awards. Scooter was studying at Emory University and he used to organize many parties during his youth days. We have gathered all the important information regarding his personal and professional life so keep reading below:

Quick fact and Bio

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Scooter was born on June 18th, 1981 in Newyork and his height is five feet and seven inches. He started organizing parties for his schoolfellows and friends. They became so popular that became a party organizer officially for Britney Spears and even Eminem. While getting introduced to a lot of famous people he became an executive director of marketing. Even though he wasn’t a bad student but he left his school to pursue a career. He started managing events for the NBA and planned the whole tour of Britney Spears. The management career keeps flourishing and the deal between Ludacris and Pontiac made him even more successful.

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Talent managing career

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In 2006 Scooter watched a video of 12-year-old Justin Bieber on YouTube. He connected with his mother Pattie and convinced him to join the music industry. The scooter has the eye to pick out some of the best celebrities and make them famous. He introduced Justin to popular artists like Asher and Ludacris and they helped him learn music. Scooter is now working as a talent manager and has his own company too.

He is the owner of Schoolboy records and is very successful. His current clients include Asher Roth, Cody Simpson, Ariana Grande, Martin Garrix, Carly Rae Jepsen, Psy, The Wanted, Tori Kelly. Fans will be delighted to know that he is named as Best Talent Manager in 2016 at the International Music Industry. He has won many other accolades at the Billboard Music awards too. Being a talent manager has introduced some of the biggest music artists in the industry we have today. There are a lot of artists under his managing company that includes:

  • CL
  • Rixton
  • The Black Eyed Peas
  • Todrick Hall
  • Karlie Kloss
  • Cody Simpson
  • Lil Dicky
  • The Knocks
  • Madison Beer
  • Cruz Beckham

Personal Life, Relationships and Net Worth

Scooter got married to Yael Cohen who is a philanthropist and health activist. The couple is in love with each other and there are no signs of a breakup which is commendable. They both spent $13.1 million to purchase a mansion in California. They later sold the house to John Travolta and his wife. There isn’t much information about other relationships of Scooter. The couple is going strong and it is quite inspirational for one and all. The total net worth of Scooter happens to be around $800 million. He is one of the richest personalities in the industry. Scooter launched an investment and the holding company recently and raised a lot of funds from there too.

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