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WWE SummerSlam Location Update, Backstage News & All You Need To Know

The 2021 WWE SummerSlam pay-per-view will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada. The makers of the event have chosen this place to hold WWE SummerSlam. The news is confirmed recently from Sports Illustrated that SummerSlam is confirmed to take place in the heart of America. PWInsider has also revealed that the place for the event in Vegas. The final date of the event has not been decided yet but it seems that it will happen on 22nd August 2021. A limited number of audiences are also allowed in the venue that will be even more exciting. Here are more details for the event and some backstage news.

What is the backstage news for WWE SummerSlam?

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The venue for SummerSlam will be MGM Grand Garden Arena or the T-Mobile Arena in Vegas. There is a tough decision between the two so it is yet to be seen what happens. It is reported that SummerSlam will be happening at the outdoor stadium setting and it could take place at Allegiant Stadium in Vegas. There will be a special roof and doors inside the venue that will make it easy for the crowd.

WWE has also announced Hell in a Cell that will be happening on June 20th. It is surprising that the event will be taking place earlier than the usual October dates. Money in the Bank will take place on July 18 and the location is Texas. There will a large number of fans coming over. Hell in a Cell is already moved from October to June. They believe that HIAC is a stronger broadcast as compared to the Thunder Dome.

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Which WWE SummerSlam events are coming up?

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Money in the Bank will be a very captivating event that will be happening with the attendance of fans. Hell in a Cell is going to be the final WWE pay-per-view that will take place at the Thunder Dome. The Company has planned big to go back on the road in July.WWE has also confirmed a weekend of on-the-road shows that will go on from Friday, July 16 – Monday, July 19 that includes Money In the Bank Weekend. SI is hoping that WWE’s return to the road will bring back their full-time return to road touring that is exciting.

Fans and the makers of the event are optimistic throughout WWE. They all boast of weekly shows that are going throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The creative outlet of the Thunder Dome is also being planned for a bigger and much better scale. WWE doesn’t plan to return to the residency of Thunder Dome, even when they are back from touring.

What will be the date of the WWE SummerSlam event?

Chief Financial Officer of WWE Kristina Salen has revealed to the fans that they should stay tuned for all the updates. There big ideas planned for WWE pay-per-view and touring plans that are good news for all fans.WWE will soon be back with official announcements soon. Here is what the upcoming pay-per-view schedule looks like:

  • June 20: Hell in a Cell from the Thunder Dome at the Yuengling Center in Tampa, Florida
  • July 18: Money in the Bank from Texas, city
  • August 22: SummerSlam from Las Vegas, Nevada
  • September: Clash of Champions
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