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Pokémon TCG 2021 Franchise Marks The 25th Anniversary

Pokémon TCG is celebrating its 25th year anniversary in 2021. The popular video game is the favorite game of many players around the world. Pokemon TCG makers celebrated the franchise’s landmark 25th Anniversary in 2021 with special events. In this post, we will be taking a look at the transformative year that was one of the most memorable for the Pokemon fans. The players faced many chaotic times when they were thrown with many different challenges.

Pokemon TCG Highlights 2020

The chaos in. 2020 saw the rise of scalping in the Pokémon TCG. The players had to face the crisis with a fever pitch that was launched in February 2021. The release of the Shining Fates surprised the fans with new twists and features. All through 2021.

Pokemon TCG Pricing Products Details in 2021

The Pokemon TCG sealed product remained higher than MSRP. The value of cards from previous sets increased in price. The Sun & Moon era sets, increased and the Full Art Trainer Supporter cards featuring female characters, also got expensive. The Lillie from Ultra Prism rising, went, over $300 USD, and was one of the most expensive products in the game.

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While investors loved this, it made the hobby quite difficult for the creators of the game. The Pokémon TCG rose above scalpers. They made sure that the printing and reprinting of the sets made the cards even better than before.

Pokemon TCG Sets in 2021

2021 welcomed many new Pokemon sets. With the release of more sets than usual, the makers took the players by surprise. We had four main series sets that included: Sword & Shield – Battle Styles, Sword & Shield – Chilling Reign, Sword & Shield – Evolving Skies, and Sword & Shield – Fusion Strike. Battle Styles also introduced a new era of the hobby. The dawn of Alternate Arts took over the year. There were many latest styles of cards, which were different from the standard Full Art format.

These cards showed the Pokémon in special scenes. The major chase cards of every set were made available. The major hits of the year included Tyranitar Alt from Battle Styles, Blaziken and the Galarian Birds from Chilling Reign, Umbreon, and Rayquaza from Evolving Skies. Many new Mew cards from Fusion Strike also made the fans excited. The Evolving Skies was one of the best sets ever printed.

Pokemon TCG 2021 Special Sets

Two special sets were also released in the year 2021. The Shining Fates and Celebrations included the Shiny Vault subset and matched the format of Hidden Fates. This delivered the stunning Shiny versions of many Pokémon. This included major hits like the Charizard, Ditto, and Lapras. The  25th Anniversary set came with many new latest sets. The all-holo main set and more sets of reprints were titled Classic Collection. The 25 cards from all eras were recreated with the textured holofoil.

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