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Sarah Paulson Net Worth, Career, Early Life, Personal Life, Awards & More

Sarah Paulson is an American actress and has gained a lot of fame and recognition. People love her for her acting skills and her fan following has been huge over the years. If this isn’t enough she is also an accomplished stage actress. She gained more prominence when she was included in Time’s Magazine list as the most influential people. If this isn’t enough she has also become one of the richest actresses. If you want to know more about her personal and professional life, let’s get into more details.


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Sarah was born on December 17th, 1974 in Tampa, Florida. Her parents are named Catharine and Douglas but unfortunately, they both got divorced when he was only five. After his incident, she moved into Maine with her mother and sister Liz. They came back to New York City and Catherine started supporting her family being a restaurant worker. In 1992 she graduated American Academy of Dramatic Arts and got good grades. You will not be surprised to know that she made her debut in 1994 in the episode of Law and Order. Even though the role was short she gained fame immensely. He is 45 years old currently while his height is five feet and six inches.

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Sarah has become a successful actress after starring in many prominent films and TV shows. The list of the movies and films she has done has been very popular among the audience. She gained worldwide success thanks to her talent and organizing skills. Many people believe that it is her vision and choice of roles that have helped her achieve success. Here is a list of her work below:

  • American Horror Story
  • Ratched
  • American Crime Story
  • America
  • Desperate housewives
  • Deadwood
  • Feud
  • Run Glass
  • 12 years a slave
  • Carol
  • The post
  • What women want?
  • The Goldfinch
  • Bird Box
  • Down With Love
  • Mud
  • Serenity
  • Game Change

Awards and Nominations

Sarah has won a lot of prominent awards for giving good performances. She has been nominated for Primetime Emmys and won an outstanding lead actress in limited series. Her career shined even more when she got so many awards. She also believes that the morale of an actor boosts up when they win awards. She has won the following awards for best actress:

  • Golden Globe
  • Screen Actors Guild Award
  • Critics’ Choice TV Award
  • OFTA Television Award
  • Satellite Award
  • Television Critics Association Award
  • Three Gold Derby TV Awards (Performer of the Year, TV Movie/Mini Lead Actress

Real Estate and Net Worth

In 2016 Sarah purchased a house for $1.65 million. The property is 2,100 square feet wide in Beverly Hills that is known as the most expensive area in the USA. The house looks more like a mansion and has a three-bedroom house. It also includes a guest house as well as a swimming pool. As she purchased this house from her co-star Emma Roberts there were some important renovations done for the same. The total net worth of Sarah is around $12 million while her yearly salary has also been high throughout.

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