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Everything You Need To Know About The Upcoming Sequel Of The Vikings

Vikings is a historical drama and earned a huge fan following after it started airing. The show started airing on the 3rd of March, 2013, and the series will now be coming to an end soon. The series was created for the History Channel, and the second half of the sixth started airing on Amazon Prime Video.

It has been revealed that MGM Television is planning to create a spin-off or sequel of the original series. The writer Jeb Stuart will be working on the sequel. It was announced the sequel titled, “Vikings: Valhalla,” will be released on Netflix soon. Michael Hirst, the creator of Vikings gave a lot of information about the Vikings. Read on to know the latest details on the upcoming sequel of The Vikings.

Micheal Hirst On The Upcoming Sequel Of The Vikings


Micheal Hirst, who is the man behind the Vikings revealed some new details about the upcoming sequel. He has written every episode of the Vikings and is the man responsible for the success of the show.

He talked about the sequel during an interview recently. He talked about everything including the range and behind-the-scenes stories. He also declared that the sixth season is the best to date. He also revealed why he feels that the show needs to be wrapped up at its peak.

Michael Hirst stated, “Apparently, they just said, ‘Look, we’re not even going to filter out content, we just looked at your audience figures, where you are across the world, and we’d be stupid not to do it.’ So it is a tribute to what was achieved over the last seven years.”

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The Vikings Sequel Plot

Michael talked about the story of the upcoming series in the recent interview. He revealed that the show will have a backdrop of the century later than the present one. Michael Hirst addressed that the current characters will be presumed to be dead after years have passed. Michael Hirst gave a long explanation of how the characters are dead. He also stated that the characters aren’t forgotten in the upcoming sequel.

The Vikings Details and Updates

Michael Hirst revealed that the story will be quite different in the sequel. Michael Hirst told the media that the Vikings will be seen going back to Kattegat. They will take over most of England. The conflicts between Christian and Pagan will slow down as the Viking Kings have converted to Christianity. According to Michael, Christians having a battle with the Pagans is the center plot for the upcoming sequel of Vikings.

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The Vikings Sequel Release Date

The Viking’s sequel will have 24 episodes and it will be titled “Vikings Valhalla”. The show will air on Netflix soon in 2021 and has been created by Jeb Stuart and Michael Hirst. The final season of the series will start airing on Amazon Prime on 30th December 2020 in Ireland and will be aired on History Channel in Canada.

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