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Samsung Galaxy S11 Release Date: Everything we know so far updated

The Samsung Galaxy S11 has been leaked endlessly and the rumors about the phone’s features have been around for a while. In this post we will give you all the details that have been leaked about the much awaited Galaxy S11. There are numerous features that you are going to love about the phone but then there are a few things that you are not going to like about it as well. But in our opinion, the Samsung Galaxy S11 is going to have many game changing elements that fans are going to love.

The Code Name of Samsung Galaxy S11

The Samsun Galaxy S11 family has been names after Picasso. Ever wondered why that is so? Picasso is a huge artist and why would Samsung name the phone after him? Well, the reason is that they probably want to catch the attention of the people by the code name itself. It has also been rumored that Samsung is planning to change the branding names of the S11 family and is going to name Samsung Galaxy S11 to Galaxy S20 +.

How will the camera look like?

A telephoto lens is expected to be built in the Samsung Galaxy S11 and it is going to be 48MP. You would be able to zoom the camera up to 5X. A 108 MP wide angle camera will also be attached and the massive camera will use new pixel technology that will allow the picture size to be 12 mega pixel. Another big and great change in the camera settings is that you would now be able to capture photos in dim light and the picture quality will be a lot better than before. The camera is going to have a symmetrical layout according to the information leaked by the onleaks.

Display of Samsung Galaxy S11

The S11 would be coming with a mega display and a 12 Hz display will be introduced. The Samsung Company is also working on increasing the screen sizes of the future Samsung phones. The rumors are ripe that you would be getting a mega 6.4 inches screen for the Samsung Galaxy S11. We are sure all those people who were waiting to get a large screen phone and were waiting for its release will be quite happy to hear about the large display of Galaxy S11.

The super design

The Samsung Galaxy S11 is expected to have a sleek design and is going to be light weight like most Samsung phones. The front camera is expected to be shrunk even more. Top and bottom bezel are rumored to be eliminated. Look like Samsung is making quite a lot of changes with their design so far.

Good Battery Life

The Battery of the Samsung Galaxy S11 is going to have a major upgrading in the battery life. The inclusion of 5G is obviously going to consume a lot more battery than before but Samsung has done a major recharging and upgrading for the battery of the Galaxy S11.

Some Major Downsides

Samsung Galaxy S11 is surely coming with a lot of exciting features but it is going to have a few drawbacks that the fans of the phone wouldn’t like. Micro SD cards are not allowed in the phones which means you will have less storage space. The headphone jacks are also missing which makes the phone handicapped in away.

When is it releasing?

Ice Universe has revealed that the Samsung Galaxy S11 is going to be released on either February 11 or February 18th. No confirmed date is revealed but it is surely going to be released on one of these dates.

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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