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Sammy Hagar Net Worth, Fortune, Early Life & More

Sammy Hagar is an American rock singer and entrepreneur who are also known as the red rocker. Sammy is one of the most famous members of the band, Van Halen. In 1985 he replaced one of the singers from the band named David Lee Roth. He started working with Van Halen from 1985-1996 and continued his work from 2003-2005. In this post, we will be discussing all Sammy Hagar and his personal or professional life.

Cabo Wabo Fortune

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Sammy made a lot of fortune in the music industry and most of the money he has earned comes from Van Halen. At the beginning of 1990, he started a business and began selling one of his own brands named Tequila named Cabo Wabo. He bought a bar in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in the 1980s. Overall the years his bar as well as tequila. His business became very popular both with locals as well as globally. In 2007 he sold 80 percent of the bar to another investor and that too for $800 million.

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Early life

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Samuel Hagar was born in California; the United States of America on 13th October 1847. He is 72 years old currently. His family moved to Fontana in Southern California and his father used to work at the steel mill. When he was a teenager he started getting interested in music and the growing music scene. You will be surprised to know that he was only 14 when he started his own music band Fabulous Castilles. He got graduated from Fontana high school while taking care of the music scene and he became a good vocalist and guitarist. After some time he became a member of the band Justice Brothers. He also started performing at the California nightclub called the night club.


In 1973 Sammy got the opportunity to feature in a popular band called Montrose. He debuted with them and worked on two albums. The best part was that he also became a lyricist and started facilitating his band members to the fullest. The bad motor scooter was the first song that he wrote and began his solo career later on. The years in Van Halen were prominent enough for him and he got the opportunity to produce nine number one rock hits on the charts. He also owned a bar and a night club while his band kept shining for a long time.

Personal Life

Hagar got married to his first wife Betsy Berardi on November 3rd, 1968. The couple had two sons together named Aaron and Andrew. However, the couple got divorced after 26 years while he also got the chance to get married the second time. Kari Hagar is his second wife and the couple was again blessed with two daughters. During all this time he made different statements which were controversial but fans were always by his side.

Real Estate and Net Worth

The total net worth of Sammy Hagar is $150 million and he has got a huge collection of cars. Mostly he prefers to buy Ferraris that are white or red in color. He has a private residence in Mill Valley California on the north side of San Francisco. The property and real estate he owns is $160,000.Apart from that he also owns several other properties.

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