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Saint Frances: Review, Plot, Cast and Other Details

Saint Francis is an English language film directed by the famous director Alex Thompson. The movie was released recently and received an overwhelming response from the audience. Saint Movie is an eccentric movie that has won millions of hearts. If you haven’t watched the movie then you must read this post to know more about the wonderful movie.

Saint Frances: Why is the movie such a big success?

Saint Frances is a fantastic movie that is based on the true reality of humans. The movie defines the humans and tells us that even the most sorted out and organized humans have drawbacks and weak spots. The film is refreshing to watch and gives our positive message to the audience. The plot of the film is not easily digestible but it is surely unique and different from other movies that we see every day. The movie is relatable and most people can connect with the story because life goes on imperfectly and we might not be able to do things the way we want to. However, we find happiness in some way or the other and end up surviving.

What is the plot of Saint Francis?

saint frances

The plot of Saint Francis is unique and different and the scriptwriter has focused on a concept that may be considered as a taboo. The protagonist of the movie ends up getting pregnant and due to certain circumstances, she has to abort her baby. She then moves on in her life and gets hired as a nanny to a 6-year-old kid. Things take a surprising and joyful turn when she finds a friend in the 6-year-old. The 34-year-old Bridget gets close to the boy as she gets the charge to protect him. She starts to care about him like her own child.

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Who is in the cast of Saint Francis?

The cast of Saint Francis has the following actors playing lead characters:

  • Kelly O’Sullivan as Bridget
  • Ramona Edith Williams as Frances
  • Charin Alvarez as Maya
  • Lily Mojekwu as Annie
  • Max Lipchitz as Jace
  • Jim True-Frost as Isaac
  • Mary Beth Fisher as Carol
  • Francis Guinan as Dennis
  • Rebecca Spence as Joan

How was the critical response to Saint Francis?

On the popular movie review website Rotten Tomatoes, the film managed to grab an approval rating of 98%. The average overall rating of the film was 7.71/10. Meta critic which is another renewed critic gave the film a score of 83 out of 100. The critics in different magazines and newspapers also appreciated the script of the film and also praised the performances of the actors. The fans also appreciated the film and loved the nanny and the kid’s duo hanging out and chilling together.

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Where can you stream Saint Francis?

Saint Francis is available to stream on a popular website called The website has many other fantastic movies in HD quality videos.

When did Saint Francis Premiere?

Saint Francis released on March 11, 2019. The movie is now available on online streaming sites. Some popular movie channels like HBO have also premiered the movie on Television.

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