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5 Leadership Qualities in which Satya Nadella Believes in

In the technology world, there are many figures which we can relate to excellence in their respective fields and businesses. Names like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg come to our mind when we think of IT companies. One of the most well-known names is Satya Nadella, who is the current CEO of Microsoft.

Satya Nadella has worked for Microsoft for over three decades now, and that’s why he was poised to become the CEO after Steve Ballmer. He is a great leader who has steered Microsoft towards all the success in the last six years. The following are five of the best qualities of office leadership and skills that have made him a true leader and in which he truly believes.

  1. Habit of Reading

We all know that reading is very important for learning new things in gaining experience about a lot of matters in situations which we haven’t experienced yet. Satya Nadella knows this very well, and he is among one of the Mini leaders of this era who would like to read a lot. If you visit his office, you will be surprised as it looks like more of a library than a CEO’s office.

Satya Nadella encourages everyone at Microsoft and people, which he regularly interacts with to read a lot. Reading is, in essence, not a bad thing to do if we gain knowledge and information from it. And everyone knows why Nadella is considered one of the best and informative leaders of this era as he likes to read a lot. And that truly reflects in his decision making.

  1. Provide Clarity

According to Nadella, leaders must be able to provide clarity to the proceedings. Think of it as an employee of any company; we all need clarity in the goings-on and whatever we are experiencing. You will find many companies who try to hide most of the things from the employees, whether it is related to the appraisal process or the induction of new employees. Everything is covered in a cloud so that employees are always confused.

When you provide clarity to your employees, they have a sense of closeness to the company. The role of a leader in situations like this is very important. That’s where Satya Nadella has scored over the years in his role as the CEO of one of the biggest technology companies in the world. Satya Nadella has repeatedly offered his views on this aspect and has termed this is the most important attribute of a leader and one of Nadella’s leadership styles.

  1. Generate Energy

Generating energy is another aspect that Nadella has repeatedly Emphasized upon. In his own words,  he has told us that if you listen to a person who always brags about himself but questions other people and their abilities to lead and run a company, or even a small department, then he is not a leader in the true sense. Thus, generating positive energy through your talk in action is required.

Satya Nadella believes in offering support to all his employees in the form of helping them all along. A leader must have great skills as he leads them towards all the success in the future. Everyone must believe in the person who is leading them, and if that person shows the energy and zeal, then everyone will follow him without a shred of doubt in their mind.

  1. Drive Success in Every Situation

We all know that the role of a leader is to make all the employees of a company know that the company is heading in the right direction. But there are times when even the top organizations and companies around the world face adverse scenarios. This is where the true leader needs to come forward and offer his help and support to everyone around him so that they will believe that he will take us through this difficult period.

It is a common notion among employees of a company that the person sitting at the top will work wonders in leading us towards all the success. While it is true, a leader must drive success in every situation so that everyone under him looks forward to his skills in any bad situation. We all know that problems can’t be eradicated within a few hours or days, as in the case of an economic downturn. That’s where a leader must come forward and offer his full support today to employees so that they are satisfied; he is leading the way and will definitely solve all the problems.

  1. Making the Right Moves

If you think deeply about any scenario, you will conclude that there are several ways to tackle a situation. And in an adverse situation, more than one solution looks feasible. Now it is up to the experience of a leader which solution he goes for and why. As he is the person who will be responsible for all the reactions of his decision, he has to take full responsibility for them. So, making the right moves at the right time and following solutions that are perfect according to the given condition is what makes a great leader.

Satya Nadella’s move to buy LinkedIn was touted as a great risk by the industry’s insiders. But Nadella proved them wrong as the acquisition of LinkedIn proved to be really beneficial for Microsoft in the long run. And we all know how successfully Microsoft has integrated some of the other solutions they have through LinkedIn as this has turned out to be a jackpot for the technology giant. Satya Nadella needs to be lauded for all the success here.

So, true leaders can make sound decisions and back them with full responsibility. If you think that this is easy, you will only understand when you will be assigned to such a role. Until then, you have to look towards leaders like Satya Nadella to help you out in situations that are bound to make you look for a taut solution at the earliest.

Final Word

Leadership skills can be applied and are tested whether going for a multi-million-dollar deal or deploying a free task management tool in your company.

If you think you can add something valuable to this blog that will be beneficial for all my readers, you are more than welcome. And if there is any question in your mind regarding any aspect that is mentioned in this blog or if you want to give your feedback, please use the comments section below.

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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