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Rob Gronkowski Net Worth, Age, Wife, Girlfriends, Salary And Professions

Rob Gronkowski is a National football league star who has played for The New England Patriots and has won several games. He was able to make smashing records in his career as a tight end thanks to his great height. Rob was mostly injured while he played his games but used to bounce back very strongly and got a great score. Some time ago he retired from football but has been fortunate enough to be a part of 5 Pro Bowls and 3 Super Bowls in his career.



Rob was born on14th May 1989 in New York. His parent’s names are Gordon and Diane and they lived a simple life. He has got a Polish background and loved sports since childhood. Fortunately, all her four brothers had a great passion for sports since they were young and all used to get their training at the family gym with their father. He polished his skills for football by not only observing the game but also got good training for it. His height is 6 feet and 6 inches and is known for his good looks. He is 29 years old currently and has become a football analyst for Fox Sports.

Professional career stats and injuries

Rob got the opportunity to be a part of New England Patriots when he was selected as their player in the second NFL draft. He signed a 4 year contract with them which was o $4.4 million. He accepted the challenge and become one of the top players in the game. When he participated in the super bowl he got 3 touchdowns, pass receptions of 25 and yard rushes of 54 in total which is a very big achievement. He was able to feature in the NFL top 100 players and kept giving back to back super performances.

Rob is one of those players who has got a lot of injuries throughout his career some very serious while others were normal. Ankle sprain, hip pull and head injury is what he had to experience but he always fought back with greater spirits and returned to the field.

Salary and Net worth

The talented football star Rob’s net worth is estimated to be $10 million and he earned this amount by playing football for New England Patriots. He signed a contract of 6 years with this team for a big amount of $54 million. He has been the brand ambassador of many important brands and done various commercials for them. He has invested in brands and started few brands of his own as well. Rob is a talented author as well who has written few books which is another source of income for him.

Dating and other relationships

Rob is known to be a very friendly and fun loving person off the field. He loves to spend time with his family and girlfriend. He is not married yet but has been in a long term relationship with his girlfriend named Camille. She is a swimsuit model and has been a cheerleader. They are often seen together and are in love with each other. Rob has always been open about his relationship and does not hide anything from his fans.

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Rob announced his retirement from football in March 2019 which made his fans really sad. He is now working a football analyst on FOX sports. After having a successful football career this new profession is very interesting for him. He is able to be in the eyes of people and give useful tips to the new generation who is interested in entering the field of football.

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