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Flu Vaccine Side Effects, Effectiveness & Types, What is influenza (flu)

Influenza (flu) is a common type of flu which spreads from one person to the other through sneezing. The name of common flu is referred to as Influenza and the infection starts growing from the lungs. When a person is suffering from influenza they will get high fever and aching all over the body. Sometimes people get confused with other types of viruses thinking that it may be flu but it’s not always the case so make sure you know well what you are suffering from. It is very common as in many countries people are going through this issue. If you want to get some details and want to prevent yourself from this kind of flu read on below for more details.

Why the vaccine for the flu?

This type of flu is very dangerous as it can cause respiratory infection as well so you cannot compare it with any other type of infection. The symptoms of other infections are mild and you can continue with your daily activities as well. All the bacterial infections will affect the lungs and make your body ache. You won’t be able to believe that the infection can be so severe that it can cause death in young and old people. There are few medications but they are not effective so you have to make sure to get influenza injection if you are suffering from it.

Different type of flu vaccines

There are different types of flu vaccines available for treatment purposes. Here are some of them below.

The injection flu shot vaccine

This vaccine is directly inserted in the muscles of a body which work against the virus by strengthening the ability of the immune system. The side effects of this type of vaccine are mild as you have taken it once annually.

The nasal spray vaccine

The nasal spray vaccine is more suitable for children but if a person has some other health issue then this vaccine may not be suitable for them.

Can a flu vaccine protect against flu affectively?

The main process of a vaccine is to work against the virus by creating some anti-bodies in the immune system which can work against the virus.

When should a person receive the flu vaccine?

The health care professionals in most of the countries recommend that a person should get the vaccination before the season of flu begins so it can work effectively to protect against any harmful infections.

Why is flu vaccination a requirement for some age groups?

Usually, the child who is 6 months or above need to get annual vaccination. For most of the people getting this vaccine is important. People who are suffering from asthma, diabetes or lung disease are prone to more threats if they don’t get it. The pregnant woman or woman above 65 should also get proper vaccinations.

Who should not receive flu vaccine?

There are some people who are recommended not to get this vaccine shot.

  • If you have an allergy reaction to vaccines don’t get this shot
  • If a person has severe paralytic illness should not be getting it
  • People who are under the age of 65 are not allowed to get this shot

Possible side effect of flu vaccine

People who get the flu vaccine don’t complain of any bad side effects. The only problem is that you feel soreness on the site of injection. In some cases, you may get muscle aches or a mil fever but that is temporary.

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What should you do if get adverse affects?

If in any case the affects are severe you should consult your doctor so he can give you possible solutions regarding it.

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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