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Remake Our Life! TV Anime To Air Soon

Remake Our Life! is a Japanese novel series that is written by Nachi Kio. The novel has been illustrated by Loretto. The series is about a 28-year-old video game designer who time travels and goes back to his past. He gets a second chance to change his college life. The fans of the series are excited about the show and in this post, we will be telling you all about the upcoming anime series.

What is the release date of Remake Our Life?

There has been a lot of speculation about the release date of the series Remake our life. The latest we hear is that the official Twitter account of the writer of the show has revealed that the release date of the show. Nachi Kio who is the writer of the show has announced that the Remake Our Life! will premiere in 2021. The official Twitter account of the writer posted:

“Our Remake 8 Kyoya Hashiba” is finally on sale today! And officially, “TV animation decision!”! Broadcasting is in 2021 and is currently being produced. Information will come out gradually, so stay tuned for more information! !!

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What are the latest details on Remake Our Life?

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The fans of the show are quite excited about the show and the author and illustrator have revealed some exciting details about the show. Bokutachi revealed on Wednesday that the confirmed project is now confirmed and will be airing in 2021. There are no new details about the cast and staff of the anime but we can expect some new stuff soon as the series will be releasing soon.

The first compiled book volume for the novels made its debut in March 2017. The novel was a great success and ranked #6 on the top light novels in Takarajimasha’s Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi. Bonjin Hirameki who is in charge of the Art for the manga released a manga adaptation of the novel series in Kodansha’s Suiyōbi no Sirius (Wednesday Sirius) section in November 2018.

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About Remake our Life

The story of Remake our life features the life of an unsuccessful Kyoya. He lives in a miserable life after he gets bankrupt. He gets a chance to turn things back when he time travels turn to the time when he was 18. He rights all his wrongs and tries to change his past.

Remake Our Life! is a romantic comedy light novel series that is written by Kochi. The series has been illustrated by Eretto. The novel series has been published by Media Factory and the studio has already published seven volumes of the novel series. There are also two spin-off volumes of the series and they released in 2017.

The series has been released in three tankōbon volumes before. The novel series has also been adapted to anime television series adaptation and the release date of the series is 2021. Kyoya Hasiba plays an unsuccessful game director who goes bankrupt. His company fails and isn’t able to take off. He time travels and returns to his past when he goes to his parents’ home.

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