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The Biggest Education Trends for 2022

The greatest trends in education that will be explored in 2022 are not only caused by the presence of remote education and digitalization. Although we have to implement innovative tools like Zoom and Socrative, there are far bigger challenges that will have to be addressed in the upcoming months. Contrary to popular belief, the presence of LMS (Learning Management) and CMS (Content Management) solutions has not made things easier for students and educators because there is a lack of social and emotional constituents. Keeping this assumption in mind, developers and educators will turn to those trends that will help everyone remain involved as much as possible.

The Biggest Education Trends In 2022

  • LMS Platforms.

These are not likely to become obsolete any time soon as the software solutions like Blackboard, Google Classroom, or even Slack are constantly evolving. They provide more than what one may think, as there is a good deal of customization and import/export options that make it easy to adjust things to certain academic objectives.

  • Social Media Learning.

It’s not only about online blogs and TEDx videos that are gaining popularity all over the world. The use of social media has long skipped over being a platform for posting messages and pictures that are shared with friends. A lot of researchers and the world’s top businesses have turned to social media as a way to promote their services and ideas. The colleges and universities also follow this trend. You can even hire someone to write paper for money or compose a post caption if you are getting stuck by providing your own, unique and researched content. Finding someone to help you check things is also one of those popular trends that have been made viral by social media networks.

  • Student-Based Education.

One of the most prominent examples that helped to set this trend during 2021 is a cloud-based learning platform called Socrative. It’s aiming for letting students be in charge of what and how they learn via the surveys and progressive grading system where progress is guided without making it public. It shows how technology can affect student learning when everyone can have an impact while being equal. This particular trend based on diversity and belonging in education will be widely discussed in 2022.

  • Interdisciplinary & Global Education.

One of the biggest education trends anticipated in 2022 relates to international online education. It means that universities from all over the world will host video conferences by using guest lecturing methods to provide targeted information, depending on what’s being learned. It’s especially relevant to design and engineering courses as students will be able to access global data, video lectures, and statistics as they learn and progress with particular curriculum modules. There will also be even more focus on an interdisciplinary approach to meet the demands.

Replacing The Physical Classroom Teacher?

This question often comes up as parents, educators, and students look into the future and explore an ever-growing trend of digital devices and AI-based solutions in the classroom. The trouble is that these tools are not meant to replace the teachers and only aim to make certain operations faster and easier. Taking Blackboard or Google Classroom as an example, it’s always guided by teachers and has innovative ways to provide educators with even more control than ever before. The purpose here is to let everyone learn easier, not to replace what we already have.

Joanne Elliot
Joanne Elliot
Joanne Elliot has a keen interest in the issues that college students face during their life on campus. She enjoys researching the nature of these issues to find solutions and then writing about them. Follow Joanne to learn more about the college lifestyle and how to navigate it.

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