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Read One Piece 980: Spoilers, Release Date and more Updates

Most mangas follow a weekly schedule and a chapter is released every week. Read One Piece 980 is following its old tradition and released chapters bi-monthly. Fans only get two chapters every month. Things are getting more exciting after each chapter is released because the manga doesn’t fail to surprise fans with the release of every new chapter. The latest chapter of the manga series released a lot of new plots and fans are super excited to get more information on the Japanese manga series. If you are an avid follower of Reading one Piece then you are at the right place. We will be talking about the manga series in general and also provide you with all the details about the release date and spoilers.

What are the new spoilers of Read One peace 980?

We have managed to gather some interesting spoilers of Read One piece 980. Read below to know all the upcoming details of Read one piece 980.

  • Lola proposes to Gotty and asks her to marry him
  • Apoo catches Fluffy doing immoral acts and reports him to the queen
  • Queen plans to eliminate one of the members in her court and promises that she will give that position to someone who reports about Luffy and Zoro
  • Zoro cuts a tower into two pieces that result in making a lot of beast pirates out in the town
  • Kid follows Apoo and he plans to kill him because he is a traitor
  • The kid finally manages to attack Apoo
  • Luffy seems to be completely okay at the end of the latest chapter

What can we expect from the latest chapter of Read One Piece?

It has been some time since the last chapter of Read one Piece was released. It has become a favorite Manga of people due to its unexpected twists and turns. The Onigashima raid is getting intense and everyone is planning a new attack according to their power. We can tell that it is going to be an intense fight. The beast pirates are not able to find out yet what is going on. The alliance is launching a big raid on the pirates and it seems that they have prepared very well. Luffy has been placed on the front line as Law knows he can handle the pressure easily. The fight becomes intense as both the parties have been attacking each other from every side. The beast pirates are badly surrounded by Onigashima and it seems there is no escape for them. Kanjuro is confused and doesn’t know what to do as he has never been a part of Onigashima. The beast pirates are known to have a bad reputation as they spend their time in wasting food and having lavish banquets. Robin and Franky are two other interesting characters and let’s wait and see what they are up to.

What is Read one Piece chapter 980 releasing?

One-piece Chapter 980 is releasing on Sunday 24th May 2020. The Manga has now adopted a bi-weekly schedule since the coronavirus outbreak came into the picture. There is a few weeks break in the schedule and the wait has increased a lot more. We are sure you are going to enjoy all the latest happenings on the show.

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