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Lori Harvey Net Worth, Height, Lifestyle, Age, Instagram

Lori Harvey was born on 13th January 1997 in California America. She is a well-known supermodel and social media personality. The 21-year-old model has many fans all over the world and is considered a top rated model both and America and Europe. She is 5 feet 3 inches tall which isn’t considered a good height for a model. But she managed to beat all the odds and ended up achieving never-ending success.

Parents, Siblings and Early Life

She is the stepdaughter of the famous comedian and actor Steve Harvey. Her mother is a fashion designer and blogger. Although Lori is not Steve Harvey’s real daughter she is closer to him than his real children. The daughter and father couple bond well and are often seen spending quality time together. Lori is famously known as Steve Harvey’s stepdaughter.

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Lori has 6 siblings. Out of six of her siblings, her 4 brothers are not blood related to her. She has a sister who is her real biological sister. Having stepbrothers hasn’t been an issue for Lori. She has friendly relations with her stepbrothers and they are always there to protect and take care of their sister when needed.

Her Education

Lori is a high school graduate from Columbia’s prestigious school. She didn’t enter college or a University because she was more interested in her modeling career than pursuing a degree further. Since she kicked off a successful career she never really went back to her student life again.

Her Likes and Hobbies

Her favorite actors are the Titanic heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio and the super talented singer and actor Will Smith. The female actresses that she likes are Jennifer Anniston and Jennifer Lawrence. Considering that she likes such popular faces of Hollywood industry we can easily assume that she is a huge fan of watching movies.

She loves horse riding. Although not many woman love horse riding but since she is unique in every way her hobbies also seem to be different. She is also inclined towards swimming and she has often stated in her interviews that she loves swimming because it helps her to keep fit. The next hobby on the list which is shopping is super predictable. Which girl doesn’t like shopping? Lori is also a big shopaholic and loves to shop around at various places.

Net worth

Her net worth is estimated to be 640,000 US dollars. Considering the fact that she is a rookie model and started a while back this much net worth is commendable. The successful route that her career has taken it indicates that her net worth is going to increase a lot more in the near future. She is also a brand ambassador for some renowned brands in the USA so that also adds up to her assets.

Lori Harvey Boyfriend

She has been dating a Dutch Footballer Memphis Depay for a long time. The couple met in 2016 when Lori went for a modeling shoot in Europe. She met Memphis at an event and both of them fell in love at first sight. Although they have a long distance relationship the couple is going strong and never fails to give relationship goals to all the love birds around the world. We might hear wedding bells really soon because they seem to be very much in love.

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Lori Harvey Instagram

Lori is a famous social media personality. She has personal accounts on almost all the social media platforms. Her Instagram account has 726K plus followers and the followers keep on growing with each passing day. She uploads amazing pictures of her modeling shoots and also updates pictures that give insight into her everyday life.

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