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Raven Symone Net Worth, Career, Salary, Dating, Bio, Controversies & More

Raven Symone is an American actress and singer. She got recognized for working as a child actor in the Cosby show. However, things turned out even better when she started her own acting career. If this isn’t enough she has also earned tens of millions of dollars through a lucrative licensing empire. Most people know her as a controversial figure in the industry but most of her work has also been appreciated. If you want to know more details about her keep reading the following details.

Bio and Early Life


Raven was born on 10th December 1985 in Atlanta; Georgia. She is 35 years old currently and rose well by her parents. When she was young her parents moved to Newyork and even as a toddler she started with the modeling career. She started working with the ford models and has been a part of many commercials including Ritz Crackers, Jell-O, and Cool Whip Symone. Lydia and Christopher Pearman are her parents and she is also close to her siblings. Her height is five feet and one inch while she likes to keep herself fit. She has fond memories of her childhood and likes to spend time with her family.


Raven started her career by auditioning for a role in Ghost Dad opposite Cosby in the Cosby show. She became a household name after playing Olivia, especially in the final two seasons. She kept on appearing in various films and TV shows and got appreciated for the same. Being a singer she has released many famous songs and collaborated with many artists. Her two singles that’s What Little Girls are made of and Raven is the Flavor reached the top of Billboard charts. Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper was a prominent show where she remained a part of the cast till the very end. She has also become an important part of the masked singer and worked as a judge.

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Personal Life and relationships

Many people were surprised to know that Raven has been in a relationship with other women. It caused a lot of controversy in the media and people criticized her for the same. For many years she didn’t disclose her sexual orientation but talked about it openly. She believes that both men and women can be her romantic partners as she is open about it. Raven refers to herself as a woman who loves all humans.

Net Worth

The total net worth of Raven happens to around $40 million and she has earned this amount from her acting and singing career. She is also a comedian, television producer, voice actor, dancer, film producer, and fashion model. Raven is one of the richest celebrities and likes to lead a luxurious lifestyle. She also revealed that her royalties are also healthy that keeps her net worth high. Her mansion is spread across an area of 4,000 square-feet in Sherman Oaks, California. It is huge and there are plenty of facilities available for her at the home. There are a big swimming pool and gym constructed inside.

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