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Mario Lemieux Net Worth, Career, Salary & Lifestyle

Mario Lemieux is a former professional Canadian ice hockey player. He is considered one of the richest hockey players of his era and known for perfection and great skills too. You will not be surprised to know that Mario is known as one of the best hockey players of all time. He has played for over 17-seasons and his career is full of achievements and great statistics. Mario has got the opportunity to win the Stanly Cup twice which is considered a huge achievement for Hockey players. Before getting retirement from ice hockey he was lucky enough to win three more cups. In fact, this is something that most of the players cannot manage. If you want to know more about this talented player read all the details below:

How was the early life for Mario Lemieux?

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Mario was born on 5th October 1965 in Canada and he was raised in a family that had a working background. He has two older brothers but he was the only one who was interested in playing ice hockey since the age of three. In the early days of his life, he and his brothers used to play ice hockey with wooden spoons and bottle caps. Mario was lucky enough to get into NHL when he was only 19 years old. He got into NHL with great success and made one record after the other.

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Team Ownership and NHL career

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The penguins which were a popular team of hockey went bankrupt and it was Mario who offered $20 million and gets the ownership of the team. He looked for a new team of investors and planned to purchase the rights of the entire purchase. Mario’s debut into the ice hockey playing was nothing less than a dream come true. He showcased his skill in a perfect way and became one of the topmost players of that time.

He was named as the most valuable player of his time and scored about 100 points in the first season of hockey game itself. His career graph continued to improve over the years. During 1987-88 he scored a total of 168 points and won the league scoring title for the very first time. Mario was lucky enough to win the Stanly Cup twice and is known to be a legendary player.

How many relationships were Mario Lemieux into?

Mario got married to his long time love Nathalie Asselin in 1993. The couple was known to be very much in love and spend all the time together. They have been lucky enough to be living together for so many years and there are no hints of a divorce or separation between them. The couple is blessed with four children and the bonding between all the family members is excellent.

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Real Estate and Net Worth

The net worth of Mario is $200 million which is massive. He owns a big mansion and has several cars at his disposal. The properties he owns are really huge and worth millions. Currently, he is trying to sell his property in Quebec and it features 17,000 square feet of living space. There are about 50 rooms and 17 fireplaces in the entire area. The property is distributed over 5.23 acres of land and it is no less than a castle. The other features include a wine cellar, spa, and four garages.

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