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Rahm Emanuel Net Worth, Personal Life, Bio, Salary & More

Rahm Emanuel is an American Politician and he is known for his political skills. He is one of the riches politicians and his assets are worth $6-$17 million. Rahm has disclosed his financial assets and believes in being upright about everything. He has a large amount of salary, speaking fees, and capital gains.

There are a lot of people who admire him for what he is. Rahm has been working on the Chicago Congressional campaign that is going on for David Robinson. He has earned a great reputation for being a good fundraiser and made it a success. If this isn’t enough he has got several working positions that include U.S representative and White House Chief of staff for Barack Obama. Here are more details regarding Rahm Emanuel so read on below:

Early Life

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Rahm was born on November 29th, 1959 in Chicago Illinois. His parents belonged to a normal background because his father was a pediatrician at a hospital. His mother was the owner of the Chicago Rock and Roll club. He grew up in a Jewish household and has two brothers named Ezekiel, Ari Emanuel, and a younger sister named Shoshana. Rahm went to a school camp in Israel and completed his education with great success. He graduated with a bachelor in Arts Degree in 1981. His height is five feet and six inches and he is 60 years old.

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The political career of Rahm began with a lot of success and that is all because of his skills and vision. He has always worked for consumer rights and public interest organizations. If this isn’t enough in 1984 he started working for Democrat Paul Simon when he was working on his Senate Campaign. Rahm has been working as a chief fundraiser and senator advisor before joining Bill Clinton’s campaign. He helped Clinton raise $72 million and it was considered a huge success. He served as a senior advisor of Clinton from 1993-1998.

The political career of Rahm keeps shining and he got the chance to become an assistant to the President for Political Affairs. He has also been serving as a Senior Advisor to the President for Policy and strategy. The way he has been making strategies is very commendable. Rahm gaining a lot more success than usual was something obvious.When he was named the chief of staff of the White House where Obama was ruling the political scene.

Personal life

Rahm got married to his long time love named Amy Merritt Rule. The couple has got two daughters Ilana and Leah and a son Zachariah. You will be surprised to know that he is a member of Anshe Sholom B’nai Israel synagogue in Chicago. Every year he takes his children and wife on different trips so they can get to know about different cultures.

Net Worth

The total Net worth of Rahm happens to be around $14 million and they have a very expensive home in Chicago. They have another 4-bedroom apartment in New York which the couple purchased when he was working there. The family leads a lavish life and enjoys spending time with each other.

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