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Justin Bieber Net Worth, Biography, Age, Songs, Height

Justin Bieber is a Canadian pop singer. He was discovered through youtube. He has won Grammy awards many times and other popular award shows have also awarded him with many trophies. He is a singer, musician, and songwriter. He was born in 1994 in Ontario Canada. He was born and brought up under a single mother and details about his father are unknown. He started of his singing career as a contestant in a musical talent show where he was a runner up. His mother started uploading his videos on youtube and in no time he was signed by the super hit singer Usher’s production company.

Justin Bieber Net worth

At a young age of 25, Justin’s net worth is estimated to be $265 million. This is considered to be a huge amount for a young guy like him. But if you scan through his success details you won’t be astonished that he has this much net worth. The talented guy has been all out and has achieved the success that not many artists are able to achieve. His soaring music sales are the prime reason for his mighty net worth. Besides that, he is also a brand ambassador for many famous brands. His boy next door image has helped him become one of the most wanted brand ambassador in America. His sold-out concerts have also a big hand in his increased net worth every year.

His birth Place and Height

Justin was born in a tiny town of Canada. Since his place of birth was backward and underdeveloped he had to face many setbacks while growing up. He said to be 5 feet 9 inches tall. But there has been a lot of debate on his exact height because when he standing next to other celebrities his fans have been speculating that he might be around 5 feet 7 inches tall. How tall he is in real only Justin can answer this question.

Justin Bieber Dad and Mom

Justin’s dad Jeremy left his mom and him even before he was born. It is rumored that he had another woman and left his mother to start a new family with her. It is also said that Justin’s father starting meeting him when he became famous. His relationship with his dad has been speculated to be complicated and unpleasant but Justin has maintained claiming that he has a very good relationship with his father.

He told in a magazine interview that his father taught him how to play the guitar and he is very close to him. Justin was arrested for drunk driving in 2106. He is also said to be under drug influence and the rumor mills were on the high claiming that he was partying with his dad that night. Justin attended his father’s engagement to his new girlfriend and also welcomed his recently born step sister to his family with open arms.

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Just Bieber’s Hit songs

One time

One time was Justin’s debut single and it was a phenomenal hit. He rose to fame with this song and became a heartthrob to many girls. The single sold millions of copies in his native land Canada and all over the world.


His collaboration with the super hit rapper Ludacris made headlines and broke charts worldwide. His song baby entered the top 10 of the Billboard charts in its first week of release.

All I want for Christmas is

His duet with the popular singer Mariah Carey was a huge hit. He expressed his views on the holiday of Christmas and how he likes to celebrate the day with his loved ones. The song was penned by him

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This is definitely Justin’s every fans favorite single. Boyfriend is one of the most popular songs in the world and has 500 million views on youtube.

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