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Ant & Deck Net Worth, Career, Awards & Other Highlights

Ant & Deck are popular TV hosts and they both hail from Newcastle. They both got to meet each on the sets of BBC’s Byker Grove in 1990. The duo has impressed one and all with their hosting skills. It seems that the viewers cannot think beyond these two hosts. They have a net worth estimated to be at £62 million each. Apart from their hosting career both are inclined into music. Their first single ‘Tonight I’m free became an instant hit. However their song with Byker Grove and “Let’s Get Ready to Rhumble” have been other few hits. Here are more details regarding the net worth and other details of Ant and Deck:

Music & Hosting Career

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Many fans are already aware that Ant & Dec have branded themselves to get recognition among audiences. They have released many albums and songs till date. Their third album features a trademark single ‘Shout’. This song has been associated with the 2002 FIFA World Cup. Another song named “We’re on the Ball” also landed at third place and became a bigger hit than the first one.

Apart from that they both have hosted a show named Gimme 5 on CITV. You will not be surprised to know that their show the Ant & Deck ran successfully from 1995-1997. They both got to win many successful shows that include Best Sketch Comedy and Best Children’s Show BAFTAs (1996). The Ant & Dec Show — Confidential was released in (1997). Due to high demand and popularity they had to release the video cassettes and DVD’s for it. This CD also featured the most important bits from the program.

Awards & Other achievements

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Ant & Deck got many other prominent awards but the show Ant & Dec Unzipped on Channel 4 grabbed a lot of awards. They both believe that nothing could be a bigger achievement than winning a BAFTA. Soon after they signed up to become a host for the SMTV Live and CD: UK. When Ant & Deck started hosting the show Friends like these their popularity soared to a new level. This show followed by ITV’s pop idol.

Their top single “Let’s Get Ready to Rhumble” reached at the top of the BBC’s radio official chart. It reached the top position and was loved by everyone. Ant & Dec achieved another milestone by hosting I’m a Celebrity…Get Me out of Here! It is not surprising that this show attracted 15 million viewers in a short time. They got another award for Gameshow Marathon in 2005. This talented duo is working on this career from more than 50 years now.

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Net Worth

The combined income of Ant & Dec is huge. They have been presenting Saturday Night Takeaway, I’m a Celebrity, Get Me out of Here and Britain’s Got Talent. Their combined net worth is estimated to be around £8.4 million. They both have two companies named Teecourt, Deecourt and Hurley Promotions. These companies are involved in handling their expenses. In 2014 these companies have managed profits including of £3.2 million, £3.2 million and £1.97 million. Recently due to a big deal NBC has purchased the rights of for Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway. It is reported that they have acquired it for a big amount of £15 million.

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