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Queen Of The South Season 5, Plot, Cast & All You Need To Know

Queen Of the south season 5 is coming up very soon and fans cannot wait anymore. There is a lot of news and updates coming about the new season and fans want to know every bit of it. The new season is going to be bigger and better. There may be some new twists in the story and all the viewers can watch out when it releases. Let’s get to know more about the plot, cast, and new season.

What are the new updates on the queen of the south season 5?

queen of south 2

There is news that Molly Burnett who was a recurring character till the four seasons will come back in the new one. The series will be releasing on USA network drama and will keep all the twists and turns intact. Due to high demand and huge popularity the series will become a regular one. A lot of new seasons will also be in-store and there is a lot to offer when it comes to the storyline. The story revolves around Teresa Mendoza and she is working against the drug cartel. They will try everything to go against her so she runs away to save her life. She builds her own empire and gets everything she has desired for.

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Who is in the cast of the queen of south season 5?

The cast of Queen of the south will probably remain the same for all the seasons. The same cast and crew are back for season five as well. Here is the list for all the fans:

  • Molly Burnett
  • Alice Braga
  • Peter Gadiot
  • Justina Machado
  • Ryan O ‘Nan

What is the plot of Queen of south season 5?

queen of south 3

Queen of South revolves around Teresa and she is related to a drug cartel as she is addicted to drugs. The drug cartel thinks of her as their threat when she falls in love with someone from the gang. She gets involved in the world of narcotics and can’t really come of the web. Teresa becomes sad when her boyfriend gets killed and it seems she is the new target. She flees to the USA and starts her own drug cartel and builds up a new empire. The series is based on Telenovela La Reina del Sur and it is adapted from the book featuring the same name.

Things take a turn when a Dallas socialite makes her way into the life of Teresa. She is also one of those people who have developed a drug addiction and has now become an important member of their party.

When will the queen of the south season 5 release?

Queen of south Season 5 will be releasing in the next year. It was originally planned that the season will release in March 2020 but due to the pandemic, things were changed. The filming will begin very soon and the cast will have few changes too. With the addition of new characters, the story will take a new turn as season 4 ended with a cliffhanger. The director of the series David Friendly firmly believes that season five will be coming out by early next year.

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