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Coming To America Sequel, Release Date, Plot, Cast& More Updates

Fans are excited to know that Coming to America 2 is coming back on Amazon. You will be delighted to know that Amazon Studios has acquired the rights to the sequel of this iconic comedy movie. The sequel is going to be back with a lot of twists and turns so will be a lot better than before. We will be discussing all the details regarding the sequel below:

What is the plot of coming to America Sequel?

coming to america 2

The sequel of coming to America will revolve and set in the royal country of Zamunda. There is a newly crowned King Akeem and his best friend come back together to live in New York. Part one of the films has been a phenomenon among people. It was appreciated for the comic timing and the plot is quite interesting too. It is obvious that most of the cast members will be returning for the sequel. There will be a lot of twists that will feature in the life of the new king. The direction is also very good but the plot is also very crisp and full of comedy. There are very few movies that can impress the audience but it has got a positive response from every corner.

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Who is in the cast of Coming to America sequel?

coming to america 3

Coming to America has some of the most popular cast members and they have given great performances. In the first part, Eddie Murphy has done his part very well. When the performances are appreciated it will inspire the actors to do a lot more than before. His comic timings are very interesting and you will fun watching his antics. Here is the cast list below:

  • King Jaffe Joffer
  • Queen Lisa
  • Cleo McDowell
  • Maurice
  • Wesley Snipes
  • Leslie Jones
  • Tracy Morgan
  • Jermaine Fowler
  • Bella Murphy
  • Rotimi
  • KiKi Layne
  • Nomzamo Mbatha
  • Teyana Taylor

What are the updates on Coming to America Sequel?

Coming to America sequel is very special for the makers and they are planning to make it big. Here is what the head of Amazon Studio has to say about the sequel.

“Coming to America was a cultural phenomenon that is one of the most loved and celebrated comedies of all time, “Thanks to Eddie Murphy’s comedic genius along with the brilliant filmmakers, writers, and fabulous cast, we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate this new adventure. We know audiences around the world will fall in love with this hilarious, joyful movie that will surely become a timeless favorite.”

What is the release date of  Coming to America Sequel?

Paramount Pictures has signed a deal with Amazon as the movie is not going to release in the theaters due to the pandemic. Coming to America Sequel will be releasing on Amazon Prime on March 5th, 2021. The sequel of the movie will become everyone’s favorite and the makers are very confident about it. The best idea will be to watch the first part and then watch the second one. Don’t miss it out as the concept is very fresh and unique.

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