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Tomohiro Ichikawa Net Worth, Bio, Age, Movies, Career & Relationships

Tomohiro Ichikawa is a popular Japanese actor and he has gained a lot of fame in Japan. Fans love to watch his movies and he has soon become a center of attention. He has always chosen a very good role to surprise his fans and they are happy to see him perform efficiently. He is best known for acting in Laughing Under the Clouds, Principal, and Mother’s Trees. You will not be surprised to know that Tomohiro has won the Grand Prix 21st Junon Superboy Contest in 2008. If you want to know more about this talented actor here is all you need to know.

Bio and Early Life

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Tomohiro was born on September 6th, 1991 in Japan. He is 31 years old currently while his height is six feet. During his childhood, his family was struggling financially. He was interested in acting since a young age and wanted to achieve all the name and fame. As he was a bright student he completed his degree in social science from Waseda University. His parents are close to him and they love and support him to the fullest.

Career and Net Worth

Tomohiro was lucky to get good roles in his career. He started from small roles but got the chance to act in big movies. After working hard he got the chance to work with some big directors and laughing under the clouds became a hit too. Even though he has been nominated many times but, has not received any award. He has always done a different role that is why his fans appreciate him. His total net worth is $6-$10 million and he has achieved all this name and fortune through his acting career.

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Social profile and personal life

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Tomohiro is active on social media and he loves to interact with his fans. He likes to keep his personal life private but fans are assuming that he must be dating someone. As he has maintained a clean image there is no controversy surrounding him. He is a down-to-earth person and that is why loved by everyone.

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Film / Movie

  • Laughing Under the Clouds (2018) – Rakucho Takeda
  • Principal (2018) – Yudai Kanezawa
  • Mother’s Trees (2015) – Kabe
  • Say “I love you” (2014) – Kai Takemura
  • Silver Spoon (2014) – Ichiro Komaba
  • Ouran High School Host Club (2012)
  • Shodo Girls!! (2010) – Tomoya Takada
  • Eternal First Love– Seekai De Ichiban Oishii Aisarekata (2010)

TV Show / Drama

  • Criminologist Himura and Mystery Writer Arisugawa 2019
  • Love Rerun (NTV-YTV / 2018) – Hayato Fujisaki
  • Whispers from a Crime Scene (NTV / 2016) – Kazuya Higashino
  • Nobunaga Concerto (Fuji TV / 2014) – Fujitaka Hosokawa
  • Family Hunter– Hitoshi Okamura
  • Kogure Photo Studio (NHK / 2013)
  • I Love Tokyo Legend – Kawaii Detective
  • Shi to Kanojo to Boku (TV Asahi / 2012) – Yusaku Matsuna
  • Mitsu no Aji (Fuji TV / 2011) – Kazuki Kuriyama
  • Team Batista 3: Ariadne no Dangan (Fuji TV / 2011) – Ryusuke Suga
  • Misaki Number One!! (NTV / 2011) – Kyotaro Nagase
  • Clone Baby -Masamune Aoyagi
  • Hotaru no Hikari: It’s Only Little Light In My Life Season 2
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