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Nominee of Supreme Court Brett Kavanaugh Net Worth

Brett Kavanaugh is a well-known person and has been in the news for various weeks altogether. Since the time he has become a nominee of Supreme Court, the media is buzzing with his news. More people are curious to know him or where he belongs. He lives with his wife and two daughters in Maryland. He is known to be a family-oriented man who loves to take care of his family. Many people are curious to know what his net worth is and how much money is there in his bank account.

Brett Kavanaugh has a million dollar house but very little savings

Brett is known to spend his money in an extravagant way and that is the reason he has bought a very big house which is very expensive. He has not saved much and also wasn’t keen in investing. The assets he owns are about $65,000, .he also has some debt money which is concluded to be $15,000.He is wise enough to save some assets for his life after retirement and has many accounts in the bank of America. He spends a lot of money for the tuition of his children.

He will soon get a raise in Supreme Court career

Brett is a judge in the Supreme Court and there are reports that he will get a raise in his money. He is currently earning an income of $220,600.he has also made additional money of $27,500 from the non-invested income. He is a very rich man who leads a luxurious life. He has been working at Harvard Law School, the Washington Jesuit Academy, the American Law Institute, and Blessed Sacrament School through which made him earn all the extra income other than his career as a judge.

Now that he is joining Supreme Court he will make additional money which will be $255,300 per year. He still has a long way to go if we compare his net worth with other justices in the same field. Stephen Breyer has the highest net worth but Brett is trying hard to catch up with the same amount of money.

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Brett’s net worth is $1.2 million- only if we count the house

The net worth of a judge might not be totally revealed by any source as they do have hidden money in their banks too and no one is aware which bank accounts they might be having. So it’s really difficult to predict the exact amount of him. Some reports have speculated his net worth to be 1.2 million dollars but that is only we count his house which is worth one million. He does not seem to be ready for retirement and as he has more plans for his career ahead.

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Brett does not have any retirement plans

Brett seems to be quite secure when it comes to money. He is not ready to retire yet and has a wife who earns well. His daughters are soon to join college but it’s astonishing that he has not prepared anything special for it. It seems the net worth reported in the media is lesser than his actual income. He would get a heavy pension once he retires so his life is all set as far as money is concerned. He would easily serve for the court till he is 68. In 2018 his salary was $220,600.

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