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Prodigal Son Review, Updates & More

Prodigal Son is an American drama series that features crime and investigation. It has been appreciated because of its fast pace, good storyline and powerful performances. The first season was a hit and released in 2019 and another season was renewed in May 2020 which was also a success. It is unique and very unpredictable in terms of twists and turns as most of the viewers are not sure what will happen next. Today we will discuss and review all the important details regarding Prodigal Son.

Quick Review of Prodigal Son

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Prodigal Son is a crime investigation series that lays great emphasis on the father-son relationship. Malcolm gets frequent nightmares and is in trauma due to his father’s arrest while he was a child. He is not able to forget those memories and the best thing about the series is all those scenes which he has with his parents. However, the series turns out to be a typical cop drama after setting an interesting premise.

If you are interested in watching a cop drama that has got all the spicy elements it is the show for you. The story about a traditional cop blend well with the psychological drama and of course has great support from all the actors in the show. It has already got a renewal for a new season which is a great achievement in itself as only a few series get this chance.

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What is the plot of Prodigal Son?

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The plot of Prodigal Son revolves around the character of Malcolm who is serving in the crime units for some time now. His father is a serial killer who has been serving his sentence in jail. In childhood he was responsible for sending him to the police as he wanted to save the life of the victim. He has a special talent that he can assume the crime scene from the perspective of the killer and this is why he is an important part of the police.

His main problem is that he gets nightmares from his childhood and is not able to come out of it even in adulthood. He has to find a criminal because of which he gets help from his father and they get to meet after many years. He even questions his father so he can understand if such inhumane thoughts can be inherited or not. His life is troubled but he has to deal with all these problems with a big heart. The direction is good and some of the crime scenes are also handled well.

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Who is in the cast of Prodigal Son?

Prodigal Son doesn’t have a very big cast as the leads are shinning and have taken the whole film on their shoulders. The father-son scenes are considered one of the best scenes of the series and people can’t stop talking about it. In season two we don’t really know how the story will shape up and which characters will make a comeback. The chase and investigation scenes are also done very well. Here is the cast list of the series below.

  • Tom Payne as Malcolm Bright
  • Lou Diamond Phillips as Gil Arroyo
  • Halston Sage as Ainsley Whitly
  • Frank Harts as Det. JT
  • Keiko Agena as Dr. Edrisa Tanaka
  • Michael Sheen as Dr. Martin Whitly
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