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All You Need To Know About Pokemon Go Halloween Event

The highly anticipated annual Halloween Event of Pokemon Go will begin soon. The Halloween event begins will feature many new exciting features. The Pokémon GO fans can expect a lot from the upcoming Halloween event as it is going to offer many new challenges and rewards. If you are excited about the upcoming Pokemon Halloween event then read the post below. We have gathered everything that is out so far about the upcoming Halloween Event of Pokemon Go.

Halloween Event 2021

The Halloween Event 2021 will be divided into two. Part One of the Halloween event will be going live and will offer many unique features. The offerings will include the release of Shiny Spinarak, Special Research, Timed Research, the new Costumed Pokémon, and so much more. The players can expect all kinds of exciting rewards and quests during this event as the developers have planned a lot of exciting things ahead. The Halloween Event 2021 will be launched in two parts this year.

Halloween 2021 Event Part One: What To Expect?

Spiritomb encounters

None of the Research questlines will allow the players to have any encounters with Spiritomb. The Special Research and the Timed Research will not offer any exciting new challenges this time around.

Pumpkaboo & Phantump

These two have been confirmed but you will have to wait a little more for them to be released. According to reports the Pimpkaboo and Phantump will be released in Pokémon GO  Part Two of the Halloween 2021 Event. They will not be found during Part One.

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Mega Absol

Gengar will be ruling the Mega Raids until Part Two. The Mega Absol will be arriving as the first new Mega Evolution. It will be added in the Pokémon GO challenge since Mega Slowbro in June.

Hunt Shiny Spinarak

Spinarak will be out in the wild. This is going to be too much fun for the players. The thematically appropriate Shiny will enter the Pokémon GO during Part 1 this year. The non-Ghost-type will be entering the Halloween Shiny event.

Oodles of research

The Special Research will focus on the Yamask. The players can expect to face a lot of challenges in this part. The Timed Research players will be provided with the tasks and on completing those tasks they will be awarded many rewards. The players will be completing GO Battle League bouts and win a lot of new weapons and gifts.

Costumed Pokémon during both parts of the event

The Pokemon Go Halloween Event will be introducing new costumes for the characters of the game. The players can look forward to the new costumed Pikachu, Piplup, and Drifblim.

Pokemon Halloween Event Part 1 Launch Date

The Pokemon Halloween Event Part 1 has already been released today. If you are excited about the event, then you should check out Halloween Part 1 now. Pokemon Go is one of the most popular games in the world. If you are a fan of Pokemon then you can look forward to the upcoming Halloween Event Part 2 as well.

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