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Hareem Shah TitkTok, Age, Biography, Father, Latest updates

Hareem Shah is a girl from Peshawar who became famous because of the social networking website TikTok. She has a lot of followers on TikTok which go up to 1.5 million. She is one of the top TikTok celebrities in Pakistan.

Hareem Shah Biography

Hareem Shah is basically from Peshawar Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) but she currently doesn’t reside in Peshawar. She is 28 years old. She just visits her hometown often. She has completed her Masters and now studying for MPhil. She likes to travel around the world and has stated her love for travelling in many interviews.

Gossip and Rumors

She is an avid supporter of Imran Khan and multiple pictures of her with PTI leaders are all around the Internet. There are also many candid pictures of her with Imran Khan. When asked how she got the opportunity to be able to meet the PTI leaders. She responded that she is a strong supporter of PTI and her love and support for the part made it possible for her to meet the leaders in real. She has made several TikTok videos with political leaders. There are many controversial videos of her spread on the internet that have made her a strongly controversial girl.


Hareem Shah has been surrounded by many controversies and gossips till now. She has been linked with famous political leaders like Mubashir Lucman and Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan. Mubashar Lucman strongly discourages TikTok stars including Hareem Shah and said that they should be banned from the social net working sites. The scandal of her sitting in the PM secretariat made her face a lot of backlash from people because they believe that it is not a place where anyone can go in and out. However the concerned high official of the office revealed that the place in the picture is not PM secretariat but Foreign Office building.

People all over Pakistan criticized her being inside the official building and were upset that a high official building with high security can’t let a common girl inside the building. Hareem Shah defended her stance and claimed that she was officially invited to the building and got permission from someone at the office. She didn’t reveal the name of the person who gave her the permission to come in.

Prime Minister Imran Khan also became critical about the matter and asked around for an investigation that how an ordinary girl came inside an official building.

Hareem Shah Father finally speaks up on her controversial life and TikTok videos

Hareem Shah’s was apologetic to the public recently and broke into tears in front of the media. He confessed that he is ashamed about his daughter’s Tik Tok videos that revolve around famous political personalities.

He uploaded a clip which was 12 minute long in which he stated that his name is Zarrar Hussain Shah and he is Hareem Shah’s Father. He also revealed that Hareem’s real name is Fiza Hussain and he is deeply sorry and apologetic to the people who are included in TikTok videos. He begged for forgiveness and said that he is at loss of words and don’t know how he would be able to apologize to the people.

Hussain revealed that he sent his daughter to a religious institute and she passed out the institution with good marks. She became an Alma and he doesn’t know how she ended up being this shameless. He further continued that he hopes that his daughter comes back to being Fiza Hussain that she used to be and leaves these shameful acts.

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