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Tony Khan Reveals The Possibility Of Bret Hart Appearing For AEW

All the wrestling fans must be curious to know about the possibility of Bret Hart returning for AEW. According to the recent updates coming from Tony Khan, Bret will not return to AEW anytime soon. Tony is the AEW President and CEO and in his recent interview he talked about Bret. He talked about the possibility of Bret Hart appearing in AEW. It seems that even Bret is not interested to make a comeback due to his reasons. If you want to get more updates regarding this matter keep reading below:

Tony Khan Reveals Bret May Not Appear For AEW Anytime Soon

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Tony Khan has revealed the current status of Bret. It also seems that Bret himself is not interested in coming back for the company. Here is what Tony has to reveal:

“First of all, we have great respect for Bret Hart as a company and as individuals. A lot of the wrestlers here and myself respect Bret Hart as a great person and a great wrestler. He would always be somebody we would treasure whenever he’s around.

He was involved in the first Double or Nothing [in 2019]. Maybe he’s happy at home right now. It’s a great thing he’s got going and we’ve just got so much respect for Bret Hart.”

Bret has been a part of AEW World Championship for the first Double or Nothing pay-per-view. Since 2019 he has not appeared for any of the matches. He has made a mark for himself and become the WWE Hall of Famer. His fingerprints are all over the company’s talent that include including CM Punk, FTR and Adam Cole.

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Tony Khan Respects and Honors Bret Hart

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As Bret has become a prominent talent of AEW, Tony cannot stop praising him. Even though he doesn’t wish to come back for the company anytime soon. Here is what Tony has to say about Bret’s decision:

“It’s an honor to pay respect to Bret Hart and, of course, and it’s something that Dax and Cash and CM Punk, in particular, have bonded over and had great matches with each other and with other people along the way – Dustin Rhodes had a great match with CM Punk, also, that I think reminded some people of the matches he had himself with Bret in the past,” Khan said. “Now there are opportunities ahead for big matches with all of those people.”

Earlier last month, Bret signed up for a new deal with WWE. All these rumors of him joining AEW were put aside. However he himself confirmed that this new contract will only be a promotional or merchandizing deal. He has revealed that this contract with WWE doesn’t hinder him for working with any other company.

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