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Plunderer Episode 20 Release Date, Characters, Preview, and Spoilers

Plunderer is a popular Anime that is being watched by many people around the world. If you are a regular watcher of this Anime you must be aware of the happenings. In the latest episode, we saw Nana and Licht sharing some close moments together. Nana was happy to relive the memories from the past. The next day when he wakes up he realizes that people around him are having a good time around the beach. Episode 20 will be coming out soon but the bad part is that the first season of Plunderer is coming to an end. If you want to catch up with the spoilers and get to know about other details do read this full article.

What can we expect from Episode 20 of Plunderer?

In the last episode, we saw some happy moments between Nana and Licht. Lin was preparing food for all his friends. We all were surprised to see that Licht was trapped in an animal trap and she also reveals that he knew who Hina’s mother is. Licht and Hina had a different story altogether. He knows that he is 300 years old while Hina is just a teenager. Hina doesn’t know about this fact that Licht is as old as she considers they are of the same age. When she finds out the truth she gets drunk but Nana keeps telling all the friends they shouldn’t drink much. Nana gets jealous after getting to know that Hina and Licht are in love. There is a strange shadow following them as a sniper is after them. The animation is getting very popular and we know the reason why this is happening.

Spoilers and Preview of Plunderer

It is a dangerous thing as all friends are under the threat of getting shot. Murdoch has a fight with Licht and punches him but they still try to console Nana. All the friends find a video where they see clips of Nana where Licht and Nana decided that they should marry each other. Licht is sad and can’t control the tears after knowing such a big truth. Licht doesn’t want others to see his tears and is afraid to take off his masks. The story has been taking various twists and turns and with episode 20 coming out we can expect a lot of exciting things happening. You can also check out the preview video online which gives out a few glimpses of the latest happenings.

When episode 20 of Plunderer is releasing?

Episode 20 of Plunderer will be releasing on 28th May 2020. You have to keep in mind that the time difference between Japan and other countries is different. If you don’t live in Japan you have to keep the time difference in mind. The episode will be broadcasted after few hours of release in Japan. The good thing is that nowadays there are so many websites on the internet from where you can download episodes for free. You can even go to the channel’s official website as there are episodes available for live streaming as well. A new episode is released every Wednesday and that’s how we can witness what will happen in the new episode. Are you getting excited already? Don’t worry Wednesday is already here!

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