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Young Ahmed Review, Plot, Cast & Updates

It’s not possible that you haven’t heard about Young Ahmed as the movie has been winning accolades all across the globe. It has been a winner at Palme d’Or awards at Cannes and is getting rave reviews from critics as well. The film has been produced and developed by famous Belgian brothers Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne and they have created everything with a great vision. It seems that with young Ahmed they are back to focus on their favorite script types. Today we will discuss all the important details including a review on the move so let’s get started.


What is the Plot of Young Ahmed?

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The plot of the film revolves around a teenage boy who is a Muslim but residing in Belgium. He is seduced with radical ideas and thoughts. Ahmed looks like a studious boy and has curly hair and glasses. He looks like a decent boy who doesn’t believe in creating trouble. The young boy is troubled with the thought of his real identity after coming in contact with an imam at a local mosque.

He is not happy with the unIslamic ways his sister and mother follows and always tries to lecture them. If this isn’t enough Ahmed is also having huge fights with his teacher Mrs. Ines. His mind is always filled up with the thoughts of Jihad and he plans to take revenge on Mrs. Ines.

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Young Ahmed Review

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If we talk about Young Ahmed the plot has been well researched and presented. Each scene is done pretty well and a lot of thought has been put in. However, some people have not been happy in the second half of the movie as the direction has been a little sluggish. Although the director is known for keeping non-actors the way they have acted is quite unbelievable. They seem to fit in the roles so well that it seems very realistic. The scenes of Ahmed’s daily prayers and thought processes have been shown and written very well.

Young Ahmed is one of the most daring works by the filmmakers as the concept is novel and satisfying people can be a tough task altogether. The direction is done with handheld cameras which takes in a lot more effort than other options. The film is a classic masterpiece and you will like it if you give it a try.

Who is in the cast of Young Ahmed?

The cast of Young Ahmed consists of non-actors but they have done their job quite well. They are getting a lot of appreciation from people who are watching the film.

  • Idir Ben Addi as Ahmed
  • Olivier Bonnaud as Caseworker
  • Myriem Akheddiou as Inès
  • Victoria Bluck as Louise
  • Claire Bodson as Mother
  • Othmane Moumen as Imam Youssouf

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What is the release date of Young Ahmed?

The release date of Young Ahmed is 7th August and you can give it a try after reading out our review here. If you can’t resist melodramas and novel concepts the film is made for you. It is one of the most talented works done by the makers. The camera work is top-notch and after the huge success of the film at Cannes, everyone is hoping that the film will do well at the box office too.

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