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Batora: Lost Haven Has Released A New Free Demo This Week

Team17 and Stormind Games have released a new free demo for their latest video game Batora: Lost Haven. The free demo will be a part of Steam Next Fest this week. The game has been in the making for a long time now.

The fans have been waiting for the release of the video game and are curious to know more about it. The team behind Betora: Lost Haven has been working hard to create the best game for gamers. Here is everything you need to know about Batora: Lost Haven.

Betora: Lost Haven Release Date

The team of Betora: Lost Haven was planning to release it sometime this year, but the exact date for the game was not revealed. The firm date hasn’t been set for the release of the action RPG. If you want to try it out for a bit as then you can check out the short demo for the game. A short demo of Betora: Lost Haven has been released for Steam. The fans of the video game can play the free demo of the game until February 28th.

Betora: Lost Haven Gameplay

In Batora: Lost Haven, the players will take on the role of Avril. She is an unlikely young hero. The hero of the game is the last hope of a dying Earth. She travels between planets and meets up with an eclectic cast of characters. She also explores a wide range of colorful environment that is packed with a diverse sci-fi fantasy world. Along the way, the players will face an array of important decisions.

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You will also have to face the consequences of the far-reaching tasks and challenges. This will shape Avril’s personality for the entire game. If you want Avril to survive then the players will have to fight, and be back on their feet. The players will also have to switch to the ‘Nature Switch’ ability. They will balance their mental and physical fortitude and will solve the unique environmental puzzles.

Betora: Lost Haven Features

Betora: Lost Haven will be packed with endless new features. Take a look at the features to explore a new world.

  • Action-packed and powerful cosmic adventure: the players will embark on an enthralling sci-fi journey. The journey will come across all the stars to explore alien homeworlds. You will also interact with a variety of unique beings and will be able to uncover the secrets to save a dying Earth.
  • Reactive and non-linear storytelling: The players will be given a variety of choices that will decide the fate of the universe. You can consider your actions and will forge with the path as Conqueror. The players will act as the Defender. The video game will have a rich, choice-driven story and will be designed by a Writers’ Guild award winner.
  • Fast-paced twin-stick shooter’ combat: The players can leverage the power of their mind and body. The multi-layered battles will be against the fantastical creatures and other foes.
  • Unique mechanic: The players can balance their mental and physical powers and will solve the rewarding environmental challenges that will overcome hostile adversaries.
  • Beautiful retro sci-fi art style: You will explore the colorful and diverse alien landscapes. The landscapes will have hand-painted visuals and are inspired by 1950s retro science fiction.
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