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Panic Inc To Open Pre Orders For Playdate Soon

Panic Inc. will be launching its new tiny and adorable gaming console named as Playdate. The developers revealed in a recent press meet that they will officially open up pre-orders for the gaming console soon. If you are curious to know more about Playdate then read the post below. We have gathered all the latest updates about what Playdate is all about.

What is Playdate?

Playdate is an upcoming pocket-sized mobile console that has been developed by Panic Inc. The console has been under the development process for over two years now. If you have been waiting for a new mobile console then your wait is almost over. Playdate will soon be launching in the market. The mobile console will be the best friend of every player who loves to stay in the virtual world.

When can you Pre-order Playdate?

Playdate will soon be launching in the market. According to the developers’ Playdate has been under development for some time and it will finally be out for sale. The release date is nearing and we have reached the finish line. You can pre-order the mobile console on July 29th. The company will officially be taking orders for Playdate on Thursday, July 29th. You can start placing your orders at 10 am PT.

Playdate Prices

The Playdate Cover will be available for $29. If you order a bundle with the console along with the Cover then you can purchase it for $199. We will have more information about the mobile console in the coming few weeks. The pre-order totals are expected to be in high numbers as the mobile console Playdate has gained a lot of popularity.

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Unlimited Palydate units Will be Available

Playdate pre-orders will probably not “sell-out”. Everyone can get the chance to grab the chance to get the virtual gaming console. The first batch of Playdate units will consist of roughly 20,000. The company will start shipping towards the end of this year. The subsequent orders after the initial allotment will start shipping from 2022.

The production of the Playdate will be based on the demand. You will have to pay the whole price when placing your order. The Pre-orders will require full payment and can also be canceled at any time.

You will get a full refund if your order gets canceled. Units will be limited to two per person, and if there are any additional orders made that the order will be canceled. Playdate will ship initially to specific countries. The International shipping costs will also be applied to the costs of the Playdate.

Panic Podcast Releasing Along With Playdate

Panic Podcast will be debuting next week. The pre-order day will also see the release of the new episode of the Panic Podcast. The Panic Podcast will be featured around Playdate. The decade-long saga will have all the twists, turns, and the players will have to face the mini-boss battles. The episode will also focus on the brand new Podcast feed and will also feature the behind-the-scenes stories of the game developers of Playdate!

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