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5 Quick Tips To Gain Weight Fast for Skinny Guys

As beach season approaches, you are probably asking yourself,
“How can I gain weight fast?”  These 5 tips for gaining weight are very easy to implement into your lifestyle, diet, and training regimen. 

Tips to Gain Weight #1: High Fiber Foods Later in the Day

High Fiber Foods

In order to gain weight fast, you need to create a proper calorie surplus. One of the sure fire ways to gain
weight is to eat more calories than you burn. By not making yourself really full early in the day, this will be easier to achieve.

Tips to Gain Weight #2: Protein on the Go

If your wondering how to gain weight fast, this is the easiest trick of them all. Short on time or traveling?
Simply buy a protein shaker cup and fill it with whey and casein protein. Now you have the perfect ratio of slow and fast digesting proteins.

Tips to Gain Weight #3: Slow Digesting Protein Late at Night

So many naturally skinny guys want to gain weight fast, but they don’t feed their bodies with anabolic fuel to recover while they sleep. Your body grows when it’s sleeping, so an easy way to gain weight is to drink a slow digesting protein shake before bed. Casein protein before bed is a great way to gain weight fast.

Tips to Gain Weight #4: Focus on Increasing Strength

The guaranteed way for skinny guys to gain weight fast is to focus on increasing strength. You will not get bigger unless you get stronger, so focus on increasing your strength on every compound exercise.

Tips to Gain Weight #5: Drop Sets

Another trick to gain weight quickly is to implement advanced training techniques. This will help you gain weight fast because you are throwing a different type of resistance onto your body. Drop sets will cause just the right amount of “muscle confusion” to help you skinny guys gain weight quickly.

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