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Freedom Apk Direct Download Guide for Android Phones, Tablets

Freedom Apk Download 2020: Here’s a guide to download freedom for android to play games. Freedom App whoever chose the name for this app is clearly very wise and appreciates irony. Remember those situations, when you really want to play a game, and then you start playing it, and you’re excellent at it, but there’s just this teeny tiny problem- the minute you cross a level, suddenly you’re facing a block- the not being able to go ahead without shelling out some money block.

Freedom Apk Download for Android Phones, Tablets :

In-app purchases can be a total buzzkill, which might end up making the player annoyed and put him off the game completely. Wonder why this sad story is being reminded to you? Well, herein, we’re talking about a problem. And in this very same article, we’ll come up with a solution.

If you’re frequently facing this problem, worry not- because we’ve got a solution for you. The Freedom App.

What does this app exactly do?

Freedom apk, that is available for android, is basically one of the best tools out there that enable you to get in app purchases in Android, that too free of cost. Yes, you read this right. It’s free of cost! Freedom Apk possess the stress relieving ability to hack the in- app purchases of offline games that are often played by a large number of people, such as the Candy crush saga and Temple Run.

how to use freedom app
how to use freedom app

In other words, it can make life easier for a lot of people.

There are certain technical requirements though, which your phone must meet, in order to avail the facilities of this fantastic app. So the basic stuff that is required in your phone for this App is- Rooted Android 2.1+. Now this, right here, is very very important. Your device must be rooted. If it is not rooted, please root it with Kingroot. The reason Kingroot is most recommended because it is quite self-sufficient; it won’t engage your PC in order to perform the rooting activities. Also, Kingsroot is that popular mode which supports the maximum number of devices.

freedom apk download for android
freedom apk download for android

How to make use of the Freedom Apk in any part of the world?

If you’re confused and uncertain as to how to go about installing this Apk in your device, worry not. Because we, have got you covered.

The first thing that you’ve got to do is, open your web browser. Proceed to Google, and type in “Freedom Apk” in the search engine. Click on Search. This will enable Google to provide you with various links for the download of the Freedom Apk. Choose one of these links (most people generally choose the first one), click on it, and you’ll get a download link for the apk on the website.

Click on the link, and wait as the download begins in your device.

The important thing to keep in mind is- There are separate links. Separate links for the download into devices with the Android Lollipop and Marshmallow model, and different links for download in devices which don’t fall into either of these categories. This is important to keep in mind, as the failure of download can cause a lot of annoyance and frustration.

Make sure that you have “Download from Unknown Sources” enabled in your device.

Freedom App
Freedom App
  • Install it and open it once, not repeatedly.
  • The launch done for the first time takes a little time, so please be patient.
  • Heron you’ll see a window offering you choices, where you should go with “Allowing Superhuman User” request.
  • If you get the message which states that “Freedom is not available in your country”, what you’ve got to do is, go to the settings, and change your time zone. You can change your time zone to either GMT+4:00 (Moscow) or GMT +5:45 (Kathmandu) from your device’s settings. If it opens normally and doesn’t say anything, then Voila! You don’t have to change anything.
  • Open “Freedom” and wait for 2 minutes until it finishes displaying the stalling “Please Wait” message. Then from the list you have, mental or present, click on the app that you intend to hack.
  • Have a little patience, and wait for it. Wait until it finishes its work. In this duration, Freedom might show certain out of ordinary messages, like “Reloading AK47” and any other message. Do not freak out. Just stay calm, and wait for the apk to finish the work it started.
  • Appearance of a “Free Card” message means that the Freedom App is running successfully, without any problems.
  • Just because you have installed the App doesn’t mean you’re stuck with the same version for the rest of your life, obviously. There is a way out. And that way out is the system of OTA updates.
  • From time to time you can receive the OTA updates of Freedom. All you have to do is tap on the “Update available” dialogue. The update should start automatically, without any hassles.
  • The Freedom App is available for download, to cure your headache about the in app purchases and the hurdles they present for your favourite games.

This application enables you to make your in app purchase without actually alienating some money from your pockets, and provides great user convenience. Freedom is a launcher for your applications. But the bad news is, this application has never worked with online applications, and it’s likely that it won’t work with online applications in the future as well.That given, it’s a great application for your phone and is assured to take most of your worries away.

How to Remove this App ?

However, despite this application and all its perks, if you really do want to get rid of this application, these are the steps you must follow-

  • Launch the Freedom App
  • Go to the Menu Option
  • In the Menu you will see a certain Stop option- Tap on that.
  • Now, this will enable you to remove the application quite successfully.

Important Note- Since providing the users with the best of the options is in the common interest of all, we’re here to tell you that despite all its perks, certain games like clash of clans, clash of kings, are not supported, because they’re in app purchases are handled by the Server (Server Sided).

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