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Paul Mccartney Net Worth, Age, Songs, Children, Salary, Income

Paul McCartney is the guitarist, singer, and songwriter of the legendary band the Beatles. They have got worldwide success and have a lot of fans in every part of the world. Their songs are loved by people of all ages. Paul McCartney not only gained success while being part of the band. He also gained immense success as a solo artist and has won 18 Grammy awards which is considered to be the most prestigious award. He was included in Rock and Roll of fame twice in a row.


Quick facts

Paul McCartney was born and brought up in England. His birthday is on 18th June and he was born in 1942 which makes him 77 years old currently. He is 66 kg and his hair color is brown while eye color is brown too.

Career with Beatles

Since his childhood, Paul was very much inspired by music and wanted to be a music artist at all costs. Luck favored him and he got a chance to be a part of the Beatles. They became one of the best selling artists in the world by selling 800 million albums worldwide.

Fame as a solo artist

Paul took the decision of leaving his current band and created a new band with his late wife Lisa. As a solo artist, he released around 25 studio albums. He has done a lot of concerts and people love to watch him. He is considered a very influential celebrity and has featured in Forbes many times.

Popular songs and albums

He released 23 albums while being a part of Beatles and 25 albums as a solo artist. Some of the most popular albums are Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967), The Beatles (1968) and Abbey Road (1969).While some of the marvelous songs which are loved by everyone are Please Please Me, Love Me Do Come Together, Let It Be and Yellow Submarine.

Wife, Family, and Children

Paul did not belong to a very well-off family and his mother used to deliver babies in various houses while riding on the bicycle all day long. She died of breast cancer which made him very sad. His father was also the leader of a Jazz band. His brother also helped him become a musician which he loved. On a personal level, he got married to a lady named Linda who died. He married another woman named Heather Mills and after parting ways with her is currently married to Nancy Shevell. He has five children from the two marriages and he loves them all immensely

Net worth

Paul is known to be one of the most influential and richest artists and has even featured in Forbes because of this reason. His Net worth is estimated to be $ 1.2 Billion which is a very huge amount. Most of the incomes come from his music sales, endorsements and worldwide tours.

Yearly Salary and Income

In 2009 one of the famous magazines of America reported his income which was $ 50-$ 100 million and that came from his royalties, tours and music album sales. He earned $ 78 million alone and that too from touring South America as the shows were sold out quite quickly. He has been earning a regular income from his album sales which is ranging from $50-$60 million almost every year he releases something new.

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List of his houses and cars

With such a huge net worth Paul is known to be spending a very lavish lifestyle. He has mansions in both the UK and the USA while he has a huge list of cars. He has got properties in both Beverley hills and Arizona which are considered to be expensive residential areas.

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