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Paani Movie Leaked Online by piracy website Tamilrockers before its Release

Paani is a Hindi language movie that has become the victim of Tamilrockers. The piracy website has leaked many other Hollywood and Bollywood movies before as well. Paani has been produced by Yash Raj films and has been directed by Shekhar Kapoor. The music of the film has been created by the legendary music composer A.R Rehman.

Was Paani successful at the box office?

Paani didn’t manage to make it big on the box office and was a flop. The biggest reason for the film not being a success is that it was based on a plot that was new and not commercial. Indian audience doesn’t welcome new concepts and storylines and that is the reason why Paani wasn’t successful in the box office. Another reason for the film becoming a flop was that it was leaked by Tamilrockers before it was released officially in the theaters.

Does Paani have a unique storyline?

Paani has a very unique concept and is set in the world which is 35 years ahead of the present time. The plot focuses on a fictitious plot where a city is suffering from lack of water. The population of the city is 20 million and the lack of water has made their life difficult. A war starts between the people and communities that have water and those who are suffering from lack of water. The film is set in a time where water has become the reason for political and social wars between people.

Does Paani have a popular star cast?

Paani stars Sushant Singh Rajput and Anushka Kapoor. The film also stars Ayesha Kapoor in a supporting role. Sushant Singh Rajput was a drama actor and made his film debut a few years back. He has done quite a few movies in Bollywood but hasn’t managed to make a big name in the industry till now. Anushka Kapoor on the other hand did have a few hits in her film career but has been out of the scene for quite a while now. Ayesha Kapoor is relatively new as compared to Sushant and Anushka and has done her part well in the film.

Is it illegal to watch Paani on Tamilrockers?

Tamilrockers is an illegal torrent website that leaks movies and TV shows online illegally. Paani is illegal to watch on Tamilrockers because anything you don’t pay for is illegal and contributes your part to the crime of piracy. Piracy is banned all over the world and various governments of the world have banned the piracy. Even after constant efforts by government piracy hasn’t been stopped. It keeps on going strong and there are various sites that are uploading various films and TV shows on a regular basis illegally. Paani is no more in the theaters anymore and if you want to watch the movie legally you must wait for the DVD release of the movie or wait for the Television premiere of Paani.

Why Tamilrockers is so popular with people on the internet?

The Indian government has banned Tamilrockers and other such piracy websites on the internet are banned but they keep on streaming and the crime of piracy doesn’t stop. There are millions of people all around the world who log on to these piracy websites and watch their favorite movies for free. Due to the availability of entertainment content on this free piracy site, people are not interested in spending money on watching music and buying music. These websites provide unlimited options for watching old and new movies in HD quality and that is the reason why people are attracted to such sites.

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