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Bernie Sanders Net Worth, Age, Wife And Children, Books and Profession

Bernie Sanders is an American politician who has been serving the Junior United States Senator since the year 2007. He is a member of Democratic caucus and has been serving independently for a very long time. Bernie has now been nominated for the presidential elections in 2020.Many people don’t know about his personal life much as the news section cover most of his political news. He has always managed to keep himself active in the eyes of people. Let’s get to know more about him.


Bernie Sanders’ Birth place and bio

Bernie was born on September 8th, 1941 in Brooklyn New York and is a strong and progressive democratic socialist of this generation. He always opposes economic inequality and has been working towards fulfilling the gap. He is 78 years old currently but has been actively participating in all the political issues. He did his schooling from James Madison High school. He completed his education from University of Chicago and Brooklyn College. He has stated in heartfelt interviews that while growing up he had to spend his life working hard as there wasn’t much money so he knows about the economic insecurity very well.

What is the Net worth of Bernie?

Many people have always been curious to know how much net worth Bernie has and there have been reports here and there which indicate that he has a lot of money. He is a multi millionaire whose net worth is $2.5 million. Most of the money comes from this political career as he is serving as a senator. He gets a regular salary of around $174,000 a year which is quite satisfying. He also earns from publishing different books and many people love to read them as it gives them insights on many important things. Usually all the politicians have hidden bank accounts so we can’t be sure how much more does he have.

Bernie Sanders’ Career

Bernie‘s parents were Polish immigrants who came to the United States in 1940. He was very wise since his young age and his parents also believed that he is fit for a profession like politics. He entered into politics by becoming a mayor of Vermont. After getting the success he aimed for a higher position got a seat in the house in 1991. He also ran for a presidential election in 2016 and has been successfully serving as a Senator. He is very much active on social media and always posts updates related to politics. He has always stressed upon removing poverty and creating a better life for the poor.

Wife, kids and grandchildren

Bernie Sanders is married to a political consultant whose name is Jane Sanders. He has one son from his previous marriage and also has three stepchildren and their names are Heather, Carina and David. His first wife was his college sweetheart and they were very much in love but due to some differences, they didn’t continue with the marriage. He has got seven cute grandchildren and loves to spend time with them no matter how busy he has been in his political career.

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Bernie Sander’s books

Bernie has been publishing many books mainly focusing on the economics so that people can have detailed information about it and helps their life to get better. If you are interested in reading his books you can order for them online. Some of the books he published are as follows.

  • Our revolution
  • Where to go from here
  • Speech
  • Outsiders in the white house
  • Bernie speaks
  • The outsider in the house
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